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Patch Notes



This is a running log of the Pantheon patch notes that Visionary Realms has chosen to release to the public. This is NOT a comprehensive list of all progress made on the game.

These patch notes are taken directly from videos and newsletters, and therefore cannot always be searched using the exact terminology found in the Search Guide. Click on "Source" below each heading to see where those patch notes were originally released.

To see the latest updates on progress toward the Alpha 1 milestone, visit the Alpha Tracker:



February 2022



  • Implemented a Biome and Terrain texturing system
  • Completed initial implementation of water tech


  • Implemented additional NPC models and variants
  • Refined Thronefast environement design


  • Brought Dire Lord, Shaman and Rogue to play test ready state
  • Decimated Thronefast animal population
  • Repopulated Thronefast with more Thronefastian animals
  • Accidentally summoned throngs of undead in the process
  • Provided both Undead and Animals a slew of new abilities with which to hunt, maim and kill players
  • Reviewed and corrected placement of mining nodes against updated terrain
  • Updated experience requirements per level
  • Implemented spell interruption chance on physical damage taken
  • Trained spiders, snakes and other forest critters to stop parrying

October 2021

  • Officially graduated from Unity 2019 to Unity 2021 Beta
  • Code Stripping has been implemented (server specific code has been decoupled from the client)
  • Client compiling switched to il2cpp
  • Shaders are now being based on Unity native HDRP shaders
  • New “Dedicated Server” build target in Unity is being utilized to optimize memory usage
  • Several Playmode optimizations in Unity have improved work time

September 2021


  • Fixed an issue with faction standing persist when factions were first discovered
  • Modified the Armor Class formula to make the stat much more impactful
  • NPCs can no longer naturally critically hit players
  • First pass of Cleric and Warrior classes added to build
  • Expansion of Gadai bandit camp into overland dungeon status in Thronefast
  • Added node hooks to leverage Entity Kind in abilities (i.e. abilities that only work on animals, Undead, etc.)
  • Creation of several new VFX for the Cleric class
  • First pass of Ranger’s Withdraw and Engage animations
  • Several fixes and improvements to bone masking governing the behavior of weapon bones while animating.
  • Added support for spawn groups and spawn rules
  • Added support for world item/interactable object spawn groups and spawn rules
  • Added support for giving Gathering nodes varying amounts of health (currently only mining support)

August 2021


  • First pass of Ranger added to build
  • Completed and hooked up first pass of several Ranger animations
  • Complete Wild’s End greybox zone added to build
  • Conversion of Oldwood, Sleepless and Thronefast assets to HDRP compatible versions
  • Added several new buckets of functionality to support various combat awareness mechanics for NPC combat
  • Added Master Trapmaker functionality for NPCs to support up to 100 traps.
  • Added Frozen status with support to pause animations
  • Several improvements to line of sight calculations under certain conditions
  • Added optional custom positions to line of sight nodes
  • Wrath and Reckoning Points combat resources implemented
  • Celestial Power and Celestial Bond combat resources implemented
  • Implemented and expanded the notion of NPC kinds (Undead, Animal, Insect, etc.)
  • Implemented Thief of Eternity fight mechanics
  • Several new VFX created to support new Class & NPC abilities
  • Several VFX timing improvements
  • Player model proportion improvements
  • Added Leap and Charge movement generators

July 2021


  • Combat awareness for NPC
  • Monk Class implementation
  • Adjustments to Dire Lord "Thresh" and "Sanguine Blade" abilities
  • Shaman "Vision" resource has been added
  • Updates to Rogue specific UI art
  • Adjustments made to the Wizard's "Arcane" line of spells
  • Improvements made to the Immunity systems, including the ability for Immunity to specific abilities
  • Lots of Animation work to ensure smooth transitions between attacks and casting animations, etc

June 2021

Source 1
Source 2

Class Highlights:

  • Monk Class implementation
  • Shaman's "Surging Power" master upgrades are now fully functional
  • Wizard Arcane abilities no longer strip runes from other schools of magic
  • Introduced a new spell line for Wizards
  • Shaman Vision combat resource fully implemented with functional UI art
  • Dire Lord Thresh bleed effect now scales based on target’s health
  • Dire Lord Sanguine Blade now gives returns more health the lower your health is when used
  • Updated UI Art for Rogue Opportunity

Programming Highlights:

  • Finished the development of our NPC Combat Awareness system, allowing us to create flavorful, interesting and challenging NPC behaviors and synergies in combat.
  • Finished integration of the NPC immunity system and the precursor to the diminishing returns system.
  • We are nearing completion of proving out the full pipeline for our procedural terrain generation tooling. This is a vital step in our soon-coming focus on converting the project to HDRP, getting our terrain streaming tech online and beginning to beautify the world of Terminus.
  • Improved NetData profiling to AI and network ticks
  • Added support for modifying cast times and cost per ability from buff graphs

Animation Highlights:

  • Improvements to animation blending when many animations are firing at once or in rapid succession.
  • Improvements to the queue processing and blending of entity actions.
  • Adjustments to animation transitions going from Idle into any movement.
  • Added 3 new Monk combat animations: Mountain Pose, Iron Palm and Chi Spear
  • Several updates and improvements to NPC rotation. NPCs should now properly turn and look at things they are interacting with.
  • Several PC animation improvements

Other Highlights:

  • Significant updates for Halnir Cave, specifically the deeper areas
  • New stats are being introduced to the NPC templates as part of overall tuning and balance passes, such as dodge and hit rating
  • Significant changes made to "Spell Power". Formerly, it was 5-1 which meant you required 5 Spell Power to gain 1 point of damage or healing. Now, it is true 1-1.
  • Added "Stuck"/"Unstuck" commands
  • Made Line of Sight calculations more robust 
  • Fix for Stealth fading conflicting with models that had constat fade amounts already set
  • Adjustments made to climate-based screen effects - they will now be fully mitigated and invisible with max Acclimation for that Climate
  • Work done on the Target Graphs integration
  • Added more waymaking POI objects to help with navigation within Thronefast
  • First draft of new NPC ability loadouts
  • Added Filter nodes for classes and roles and sort nodes for threat to the Ability Tool in the Graph Framework
  • Players have been hooked into the Wind System. Players can be pushed/pulled by environments and abilities via this system.
  • Lots of improvements to the client's handling of different problematic situations, such as missing abilities.
  • Fixed and cleaned up several things with the client Tool Tip calculations for abilities, enabling players to hover over abilities and see what the ability will do given current attributes, etc.

April 2021


  • Fixed the the shield for bone mask for casting animations
  • Massively huge server performance gains from spawn system optimizations and memory use reductions
  • Massive rpc performance improvements
  • Animator calling updates 
  • Optimized light culling
  • Optimized action animations
  • Several fixes to equipment rendering
  • Massive client-server performance improvements related to inventory modifications, crafting and vendors
  • Fixes to world item responsiveness, including a fix to prevent gaining extra loot when spam-clicking a spawn with high latency.
  • Fix for items overflowing in the Crafting UI
  • Item buffs now reapply on resurrect if they don’t persist death. 
  • Several font rendering improvements
  • Improved character ground snapping with high movement speed
  • Improved climbing hit detection
  • Fixed issues with transitions between climbing and hanging
  • Fixed several issues with world items becoming unclickable when moving between zones
  • Massive work has been done with the terrain tech
  • Elkhorn and Birch Trees variations have been completed and are in place in Avendyr’s Pass

February 2021


  • Added in a new projectile system
  • Finished hover animation suite for NPCS and PCs
  • Several improvements to the AI pursuit code
  • Updates to the audio trigger system
  • Pyrophobic Disposition is functioning and in game
  • Improvements to camera zooming and first person perspective
  • New dynamic tool tip system has been added
  • Adjustments to how buffs and debuffs are displayed on NPCs on both their nameplates and the target window.
  • Melee combat now respects positioning - combatants can no longer shield block, dodge or parry from behind, except the Monk class.
  • Crafting system is being brought online

December 2020


  • A new dungeon, Manglerock, is being worked on.
  • Itemization work has been done
  • Refactored Player Trading window has been added
  • Significant progress made for the World Item system
  • Revamped the Door and Key system
  • Post refactor work has been done for both The Sleepless and Gnashura encounters
  • Post refactor Acclimation system has been added
  • Several new animations added and polish to existing animations
  • Post refactor Enchanter class has been added

October 2020

  • Post refactor Rogue & Wizard implemented
  • Lots of work done on the Mastery System and its upgrades
  • Continued content development in areas of Faerthale
  • Initial development process has started for the Kingsreach zone tentatively called the Eastern Plains
  • Massive build-level optimizations, reducing the client size by 75.9% and the runtime memory by 21.8%
  • UniTask has been implemented for easy Async code
  • Considerable work done on integrating Houdini
  • Improved rapid melee combat animations
  • Initial Refactor completed for the player Trade window and Merchant window

September 2020


  • Post refactor Avendyr’s Pass has come online
  • Complete chat system overhaul
  • Faction system implemented
  • Post refactor itemization now includes class and race restrictions
  • Rework to NPC leashing when the NPC is unable to reach PCs
  • Improvements to Aggro and Assist radius 
  • Battle Meditation has been added
  • The “Bag of Experimentation” has been added, which is a placeholder name for a container that allows players to make simple meals out of World Items
  • Bind Stones have been added as a way for Testers to experience the Binding systems
  • Reworked a bit of the Dire Lord’s ability progression
  • Improvements to Player loading
  • Fixed a bug with healers not getting experience when only healing during a fight
  • Fixed the ability to pull threat from a PC with healing
  • Kills by party members now count toward each party member’s progress
  • Fixed several issues with Auto Run
  • Fixed several bugs related to Item Stacking
  • Fixed an issue with Defensive buffs which allowed them to stack with themselves
  • Fixed issues with Climbing
  • Fixed issues where equipment was sometimes not visibly being un-equipped to other players.
  • Fixed issues with particle effects on the hands stacking on themselves.
  • Fix for NPCs not attempting to continue rotating toward their target
  • Adjusted NPC movement speed universally
  • Fixed several animation blending issues
  • Fixed several issues with proximity agro
  • Fixed Guards improperly showing as enemies when their faction standing with you is neutral or lower
  • World Props now disappear for all clients when picked up
  • Migrated the Pesist system to now use the synchronous API
  • Fixed an issues while logging out dead which would put players into pseudo immortal states
  • Fixed leashing NPCs not returning to their proper position if no one was around to see the NPC when it happened
  • Fixed an issues with leashing NPCs overriding their return position while in a complex encounter, such as one with lots of death and aggro swapping
  • Improved AI handling of Line of Sight casts

July 2020


  • Work has been done for the Dire Lord and Shaman’s Mastery
  • Significant blocking progress made on Grandfather Thorn in Silent Plains
  • Fixed resizing issues with the chat and combat windows
  • Fixed a race specific condition error on the client side
  • Added PoI and perception pings to various zones
  • Several fixes to the ability bar
  • Significant refactoring of the Inventory system
  • Started updating several of the two-handed animations
  • Several new casting animations
  • Updated the Character Creation and Character Select screens
  • Scripts can now be applied to the mesh of a 3d object itself, allowing mass adjustments to props
  • Plenty of updates, fixes and general polish to visual effects

June 2020


  • Zones will now default to spawning players at the same spot they zoned in, but on the other side of the zone line - zoning should now feel more organic.
  • A teleport to zone has been implemented, allowing a location marker mask to determine where the character will be spawned - this governs things like Wizard teleportation
  • Finishing passes on Black Rose Keep
  • Implemented the new login screen layout and art
  • Implemented the new character creation screen
  • The new loading screen is being implemented
  • Added two-handed slashing combat idle animation
  • Added two-handed slashing auto-attack animations
  • Added Unarmed hand-to-hand combat animations and idle
  • Added two-handed staff combat animations and idle
  • Polish passes made on spell casting animations
  • The Lava/Sap shader system is ready to be implemented
  • Improvements and fixes to the visuals and the performance of the new fog and water surface systems
  • Phase two art of the Player and NPC chat bubbles and underlying functionality
  • Converted all current race specific Humanoid NPCs to use the player character model
  • Deep refactoring of the NPC animation architecture
  • Checks are in for NPC chat text which are Italics - the system will adjust the messages to the proper formatting
  • Significant blocking and zone development of the Silent Plains
  • Normalized several font types and resolution across many user interface assets
  • Support for interacting with mesh objects

May 2020


  • Completed the refactor pass on AI
  • Preliminary work on the HUD
  • The Codex now scrolls properly
  • Fixed a bug for Mastery not updating properly when spent
  • Interactive props now distance check now based on line-of-sight collision to collision box
  • NPCs are being hooked into appropriate stat combination formulas with full support for NPC class setting
  • Final tuning, balancing and itemization passes across level one to fifty have begun
  • Fixed an off-by-one error with NPC experience causing them to spawn one level lower than intended
  • Fixed a bug where Players could not drag abilities around on the hot bar if the was not locked in place
  • Deep amount of combat system refactoring 
  • Lots of polish to synchronization and ability animation queuing
  • Fixed a bug that allowed NPCs to chat with Players while dead
  • Fixed a bug with Threat generation by DoTs if the target was dead
  • A few world building secrets have been sprinkled in
  • Thronefast Quarry blocking is complete
  • Sight Stone block within Thronefast is complete
  • Several areas within Hanggore have had greybox replaced with their final art
  • Finish setting Black Rose Keep into its new location
  • Increased max possible shadow distance in the Player Options
  • Various material and texture fixes for the Gnome
  • Lots of finishing work and rounding out of the greybox elements of the UI
  • Massive amounts of Quest and Perception work has been done
  • Added NPC to NPC enter and exit range event nodes - NPCs can path into range of another NPC and chat with them
  • Added compare entity status node
  • Factions now support starting values for Players which can be set at faction level or per class/race 
  • Player starting attributes (before Racial modifiers) now start at 1.
  • Several hitbox adjustments made to the targeting of NPCs of all different shapes and sizes
  • Added tags to items
  • Lots of work on Dire Lord and Shaman abilities
  • Monk’s Wheel Kick animation has been adjusted
  • Added the Monk’s Chi Blast, Blazing Hand Strike, Backflip and Double Backflip animations
  • Added two-handed slashing and two-handed blunt combat idle and attack animations

April 2020


  • The world origin has been located in all zones
  • Several large zones have been split into multiple zones to improve load times
  • The Murk and the Silent Plains are online
  • The new Black Rose Keep location and supporting environment have been updated
  • Updated Mad Run Cave 
  • The new Orc models have been integrated
  • Gamewide stat overhaul and full deep stat integration
  • Everything is now climbable
  • First pass of Mastery experience gain
  • First pass of the new Character inventory
  • Massive amount of progress on the quest and perception system
  • Small refactor around ability cast cancelling 
  • Fix to critical damage bonus from attack and spell power
  • Implemented new spell power conversion formula for damage and healing 
  • Formula scaling for intended top-end of Attack and Spell power at max level
  • Heals can now properly show up as critical heals
  • First pass of partial resists in for spell damage based on the target’s resistances and the new resistance stat system and spell power
  • Aura effect control improvements
  • Fixed a bug where procs could trigger themselves to proc again in an infinite loop
  • Fixed a bug that was removing passives on logging in 
  • Efficiency upgrades for NPC wander behavior and small tweaks to the move around state
  • Fixed melee animations being overridden from entity status type
  • First round of AI and pathing robustness updates
    NPC chat bubbles are now online
  • Adjusted NPC hitboxes across the board to make them easier to select and loot
  • Significant threat refactoring
  • Round of polish on one-handed slashing, blunt and piercing auto-attack animations
  • New emotes for cheering, waving and conversing
  • Lots of work on Monk specific animations

February 2020



  • Massive client side performance improvements (massive UI performance improvements too)
  • Refactored/improved scrolling combat text
  • Pathfinding improvements related to chasing/LoS and spell casting
  • NPC Wander zones defined in game
  • NPC auto attack synchronization fixes
  • Fixed bug where a group member's status bar did not display correctly (as seen on the Dec/19 Cohh stream)
  • Fixed bug where a spell aura buff did not display correctly (as seen on the Dec/19 Cohh stream)

New Things:

  • Codex Replacement
  • Ability Upgrades added to Codex
  • Wizard UI Updated
  • Faction System Updated to meet specs


  • UI (greyed out hp/mana/buttons)
  • Damage Calculations & Randomization


  • Murk Playspace Changes, Collision added to most murk assets.
  • Murk - Glowy orbs, Tree cliffs, Tree Remnants, set dressing, Water Spots added, Fog color scheme changed.
  • OW - Significant additions of: Roots, Rocks, Vines, All terrain sanded down from terraced look.
  • FT - Campfires, General Housekeeping, cleaned up placement in caves.
  • FT - Grass initial changes.
  • FT/Murk - Murk cleanup with caves. Murk fires have been lit. Oldwood set dressing and terrain work.

January 2020


  • Massive client-side improvements that removed nearly all framerate spikes due to memory allocation
  • Massive UI performance improvements
  • Refactored and improved the scrolling combat text 
  • Pathfinding improvements related to chasing, line-of-sight and spell casting
  • Implementation of new NPC wander zones talked about earlier 
  • Auto-attack getting into sync fixes
  • Fixed a group health bug
  • Fixed a spell aura bug
  • Finished a complete replacement of the Codex
  • Several tweaks to class abilities, including the entire ability upgrade system. 
  • Update to entity inspector tool
  • Wizard UI has been updated
  • Faction system has been updated
  • Fixes for auras, the auto-attack system 
  • Significant fixes to damage calculations and randomization
  • Lots of updates to the Murk
  • Ongoing work on the Oldwood in Faerthale

August 2016


  • Visual updates to multiple spell abilities. MOAR SPARKLIES!
  • Scaled attack animations to match characters attack speed. 2016 is just not ready for invisible melee damage.
  • Added a new audio manager, vastly improving sound effect administration. Bigger booms. Less mess.
  • Fixed AoE spells that were causing splash damage to caster. As hilarious as it was to watch newbie wizards blow themselves up ultimately it was decided that this is not conducive to a welcoming environment.
  • Added invert mouse setting to controls for inverted people.
  • Modified location settings in bug reporter for increased accuracy. Now please stop reporting bugs via zonewide /shout.
  • Improved messaging with dodge, block, riposte and parry. Plans for a dramatic reading by James Earl Jones is being looked into.
  • Added and Improved floating combat text messages. Combat window or on screen. You’s gots choices.
  • Root now breaks correctly in all situations. The skeleton that was rooted on the rock by the Thronefast waterfall since January offers his thanks.
  • Added a new zoneline to Avendyr’s Pass. Where does it lead? Zone out and find out.
  • Unwanted items are now easier to delete. Unwanted bad groupmates are still your responsibility.
  • Meditation is now more relaxing. It actually has been for a while but we fell into a wonderful deep sleep for a while after the fix so we couldn’t post it until now.
  • Added Throw and ThrowMiss effects. We need to test this but please be responsible.