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    The Kickstarter Era

    This section documents official statements from January 2014 to December 2014.
    Any game-related information therein may no longer be applicable. These references are provided for historical purposes only.


    Pantheon’s Kickstarter Site

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    Video Interviews

    Curator’s Note: Timestamps are provided only for clips related to Pantheon’s design, lore, and development. Timestamps for personal questions such as “What is your favorite…” have been omitted.

    2014-Apr 15: Pantheon Round Table #7

    Status of project and funding
    Needing funding to resume development
    Plans to release prototype footage
    Pros and cons of showing a lot this early
    Are Tom and James Orschell still on the team?
    Launch date
    Business plan
    Status of prototype
    How fans can help
    Plans to release a comprehensive ledger showing where funding has gone
    Business plan (cont’d)
    Specific funding needs
    Chris’s financial credentials in the MMORPG genre
    Volunteer work
    Crowdfunding and engaging with the community
    How confident Brad is that he will find investors
    When happens when team members leave
    Opening up the website to the public
    Changes for people who are already subscribed to the website
    Funding tracker on the website
    Monthly pledge payment plans
    Release of design documents (HLDD)
    Use of funding that exceeds what’s needed to keep the website up
    What to say to people who feel they aren’t getting their money’s worth
    Funding rounds
    How the developers determined how much funding they need
    Startup equity for company founders
    Brad McQuaid engaging with the community post-Kickstarter
    Contact info
    Community involvement
    How long to enter full development if full funding is received
    Plans to continue round tables

    2014-Apr 14: Boogie Knights -With Game Developer Brad McQuaid!

    Status of project and funding
    Status of game prototype
    Sunken Sanctum
    Prototype vs. Alpha 1
    Using the prototype to pitch to investors
    Why MMORPG players are dissatisfied with the current state of the genre
    The importance of socializing in an MMORPG
    Player reputation
    Releasing a smaller game to raise funds for a full launch
    Current state of the MMORPG genre
    Cooperation in other genres
    Potential of planar collisions lore
    Kickstarter crowdfunding
    Working remotely
    Voice acting
    Virtual reality
    Sexualized female character models
    Accommodating limited playtime
    Target audience
    Pantheon overview
    Looking for angel investors
    Funding to make an MMORPG for a target audience

    2014-Apr 8: Pantheon Round Table #6

    Sam created the Gruun language
    Information to be released next
    Hero Ogre lore
    How Sam met Tony Garcia
    How the Gruun language was created
    Unique racial dictionaries
    How sentences are formed in different languages
    Racial dialects
    How involved Tony Garcia is in language development
    Will some races have multiple words for the same thing?
    Implications of Ogres being smarter than their stereotype
    Ogre racial abilities and attributes
    Ogre concept art
    Are Taurokians and Ogres enemies?
    Racial inherent attributes scaling up faster than others
    Ogre home world
    Inspirations for the Gruun language
    Pronouncing the Gruun language
    Ogre motivations on Terminus
    In-game books written in racial languages
    How big are Ogres?
    Pros and cons of grouping with conflicting races
    Finding quests by translating letters written in a different language
    Learning languages as a skill
    Do all Ogres know Gruun?
    Learned in-game languages auto-translated to English
    Common tongue language
    Revenants as different races
    How has the Ogre culture changed from their home world and Terminus?
    Racial starting areas
    Ogre architecture
    How advanced is Ogre society?
    Ogre clan structure
    Racial run speeds
    What it means to be a godking
    Can Gnomes ride Ogres?
    Worshipping deities of different races

    2014-Mar 31: Pantheon Round Table #5

    Types of travel
    State of the game
    Types of mounts
    Mounts listed as pledge perks
    Mounts will be rare
    Travel options at launch
    "Climatization" [climates]
    Mounts abilities
    Porting limitations [fast travel]
    Meeting players of different races
    Group finder tool / LFG
    Evac ability
    Making travel meaningful
    Preventing travel from being too tedious
    Paths or items affecting travel and Climbing
    Teleport hubs
    Weight affecting run speed
    Can Gnomes ride Ogres?
    Preview of upcoming announcements

    2014-Mar 25: Pantheon Round Table #4

    State of the game
    Updates since the previous week
    The Stones of Panthea
    Combat system
    Weapon mechanics and skills
    Ability loadouts
    Number of abilities per hotbar (Limited Ability Sets)
    Preventing the template system from leading to cookie cutter builds
    Class specializations in combat
    How the team takes something from concept to reality
    Ability acquisition
    Global cooldowns
    Casters and Ranged classes having unique auto attacks
    Switching class specializations
    Ground targeting reticles
    Cone Area-of-Effect (AoE) abilities
    Healing and buffing NPCs
    Friendly fire Area-of-Effect (AoE) abilities
    How the environment and Climate affects abilities
    In-combat resurrection
    Abilities that need to be changed
    In-combat mana resource regeneration
    Will the template system be available in Pre-Alpha?
    Are Thojians and Gnomes enemies?
    Fan fiction influence on official lore
    Group experience bonus and splitting group experience
    Content for small groups
    Soloing and nerfs

    2014-Mar 18: Pantheon Round Table #3

    State of the game
    Consumables and Combat
    Tony Garcia working on lore
    Consumables and combat (cont’d)
    Experience loss on death
    Different death mechanics based on how you die
    Corpse runs
    Do bags stay on your corpse on death?
    Item level restrictions
    Corpse decay time
    Corpse retrieval mechanics
    Multiple corpses for each player
    Corpse dragging and summoning
    Will resurrection remove all buffs?
    Animate corpse
    Preventing the death penalty from getting less meaningful over time
    Weight and encumbrance

    2014-Mar 10: Pantheon Round Table #2

    State of the game
    What Corey LeFever does at Visionary Realms
    Rare spawn camps and rare NPCs
    Content monopolization
    Preventing content monopolization
    Kill credit
    PvP and PvE rare NPCs
    Tiers of rarity for items
    Camping and progression for limited playtime
    Bound items
    The effect of unbound items on raiding

    2014-Mar 3: Pantheon Round Table #1

    Website chat room
    Lessons learned from Kickstarter and new website
    Funding through methods other than crowdfunding
    Making the new Pantheon website
    How long did it take to make the website?
    Lessons learned from Kickstarter
    Tiered raid progression content
    Funding tracker on website
    Apprentice Developer pledge perk
    Future plans for the website
    Combat resources
    User Interface customization
    Community feedback on lore
    Post-Kickstarter team meeting
    Post-Kickstarter pledge perks

    2014-Feb 18: MMOBuff Podcast - Episode 19 - Pantheon: RotF Returns (Full Episode)

    Kickstarter status
    Terminus lore
    In-game exploration of lore and history
    Gameplay overview
    Rogue lore
    Chaos energy
    Monks and Bards
    Dark Knights
    Betrayal quests (betraying your home city/faction)
    Development after the Kickstarter
    Engaging with the community on Kickstarter vs. pitching the game to other development studios
    Perks for Kickstarter pledges after the Kickstarter is done
    Benefits of planar collision lore
    Deity influence changing over the course of the game
    Player interactions with deities
    Pet class
    Death penalty

    2014-Feb 17: Pantheon Developer Series #4

    Tony Garcia’s background and what he does at Visionary Realms
    Sunken Sanctum flyover
    Kickstarter review
    Salim Grant
    Planar collision lore
    Wizards and magic planes lore
    Inspiration for lore
    Is the Sunken Sanctum a raid zone?
    Deity selection
    How involved deities will be in the world
    Making each deity unique
    Crafting mechanic
    Making the world look alive
    Limited Ability Sets and how many abilities will be used in combat
    Deities competing with each other
    Changing deities
    Epic quests
    Racial concept art
    Zone loading screens
    Halfling deity
    Gear cosmetics
    Preventing the player base from getting too topheavy
    Deities for things other than races
    Can players become godkings?
    Dynamic events
    Unique GM quests
    Attributes and skills
    Gated zones

    2014-Feb 13: Pantheon Developer Series #3

    Sunken Sanctum exterior flyover
    Water textures
    Sunken Sanctum
    Kickstarter updates
    Enchanter description
    Ten Ton Hammer interview
    Designing a new zone
    Pet classes and soloing
    Gamepad compatibility
    Placeholder art assets
    Wizard description
    Wizard ports and fast travel
    Pure tanks vs. hybrids
    Shaman description
    Halfling and Gnome stretch goals
    Concept art and gameplay demo for Kickstarter
    Combat system status
    Dragon model
    The Wastes
    NPC models status and concepts
    World and zone size
    Planar collision lore and world expansion
    Realm-vs-realm (RvR)
    Factions (cont'd)
    Shaman description (cont’d)
    Expansion pace for hardcore vs. casual players
    Camping vs. global loot for casual players
    Crafted items vs. looted items
    Funding plan if the Kickstarter doesn’t meet its goal

    2014-Feb 4: Pantheon Developer Series #2

    Building a dungeon transition
    Sunken Sanctum overview and lore
    Design documents for world building
    Ben Dean posts on the Kickstarter website
    Planar collision lore
    Healer classes
    Human, Dwarf, and Elf races
    Soloing vs. group combat
    Blood Mage
    Implementing Kickstarter stretch goals if a publisher provides full funding
    Kickstarter status
    Unity engine physics
    Daylong dungeons and quests
    Dragon and flying mounts
    Loot system
    Loot table
    Physical vs. abstract loot
    3D sculpting
    Character model development
    Rare looted items
    Unbound loot
    Class updates
    Randomized attributes on gear
    Rare looted items (cont'd)
    Subscription revenue model

    2014-Feb 1: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Q&A with Brad McQuaid, Salim Grant, and Ben de la Durantaye!

    Development team
    Pantheon overview and how it's different from other MMORPGs
    Group size
    Horizontal progression
    Different playstyles and horizontal progression (cont'd)
    Multicolor mana
    Death penalty
    Boats and underwater content
    Trading and economy
    Dynamic vs. static dungeons
    Bards, Rangers, and combat pacing

    2014-Jan 30: Interview with Brad McQuaid - Everquest, Vanguard, Pantheon

    Social and community-driven MMORPG design
    Death penalty and corpse runs
    Social downtime
    Raid size
    Auction house
    Handholding, tutorial, and onboarding new players
    MMORPG genre and lessons learned from Vanguard's development
    Pro bono development team
    How Pantheon is different from other MMORPGs
    Classes and roles
    Group size
    The importance of MMORPGs and the target audience for Pantheon

    2014-Jan 28: Pantheon Developer Series #1

    Sunken Sanctum world building demo
    Unity engine version
    Architecture design process
    In-house vs Unity store placeholder art assets
    Placeholder art assets
    Hardest parts of development
    Development team size
    Development timeline
    Dungeon design process
    The development team’s history with Brad McQuaid
    Developer guild Kickstarter pledge perk
    Design an Item pledge perk
    Next world building step after art asset placement
    Trap types
    Races and factions
    Race class combinations
    Dual wielding
    Dark elves
    Which NPCs are attackable
    NPC AI in combat
    GM Events
    Ability animation progression
    Unity engine
    Safe areas in dungeons
    Backend server and database architecture

    2014-Jan 27: MMOBuff.TV Episode 17 - Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen (Full Episode)

    Pantheon overview
    Sense of accomplishment and target audience influencing the development of Pantheon
    Risk vs. Reward
    Why the tenets are important
    Class roles
    Catering to a target audience
    How to create a dynamic and changing world
    Is Pantheon the spiritual successor to Brad McQuaid's previous MMORPGs?
    Progression and open world monopolization
    Complex open world vs. instanced boss encounters
    User Interface customization
    Character creation
    GM events and community
    How developing an MMORPG through Kickstarter is unique

    2014-Jan 25: Pantheon Rise of the Fallen - Interview with Brad McQuaid, Ben de la Durantaye, Salim Grant

    How Pantheon is different from other MMORPGs
    Is Pantheon a theme park MMORPG?
    Starting areas
    Race class combinations
    Alternate advancement
    Class combat roles
    Unique class playstyles
    Level progression
    Speed leveling
    Gear progression
    NPC AI
    Dungeon design
    World size and geography
    Mystery and spoilers
    Server player population
    Revenue model
    Estimated number of subscriptions [revenue]
    Virtual reality and mobile compatibility
    Reaching out to investors and publishers if the Kickstarter fails
    Post-Kickstarter crowdfunding
    Fansites in the community

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    Text Interviews


    2014-Feb 26: Brad McQuaid on What Comes Next [Kickstarter, crowdfunding]

    2014-Feb 10: Pantheon Interview - The Everquest Era Niche [matchmaking, target audience, classes, group roles, crowd control, auctions, iconic items, healers, exploration, corpse runs]

    2014-Feb 3: Brad McQuaid Talks Portalarium Partnership

    2014-Feb 3: The father of EverQuest pitches his next-generation online fantasy game world [Kickstarter, team size, combat, lore, abilities, target audience, funding, development, limited playtime, Unity engine]

    2014-Jan 29: How the creator of EverQuest plans to bring MMOs into a new era [target audience, limited playtime, difficulty, lore]

    2014-Jan 29: I am Brad McQuaid, one of the creators of EverQuest and Vanguard: Saga of Heroes and CCO for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. AMA! [epic quests, flying mounts, Kickstarter, funding, leveling, clickies, immersion, limited playtime, community, pet class, auctions, economy, development timelines, gear, casters, loot, class design, Vanguard, art asset reveals, zones, open world, crafting, diplomacy, starting areas, progression, corpse runs, weather, soloing, camping, NPC spawns, server rulesets, raid size, travel, maps, class roles, combat, guides, bound items, matchmaking, Ranger tracking, female character models, class ability specialization]

    2014-Jan 29: The Official Pantheon Wiki and Developer Interview! [epic quests, starting areas, iconic items, loot tables, dungeon design]

    2014-Jan 28: Brad McQuaid Discusses Pantheon : Rise of the Fallen [target audience, revenue model, graphics, Unity engine, team size, Kickstarter, crowdfunding]

    2014-Jan 24: Exclusive Q&A with Brad McQuaid [leveling progression, crafting epic items, deity choice, playstyles, quests, bound items, combat pacing, class group roles, item restrictions, crafting, economy, roleplaying]

    2014-Jan 24: Pantheon Rise of the Fallen Interview with Brad McQuaid [class roles, abilities, Climates and situational gear, target audience]

    2014-Jan 22: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen characters may have to acclimatize to their environments [Climate, Atmospheres, situational gear, abilities and Climates, gear loadouts, bane weapons]

    2014-Jan 13: Brad McQuaid talks Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, Kickstarter campaign launches today [target audience, grinding, combat, telegraphs, Limited Ability Sets, grouping vs. raiding, progression, economy, team size]

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    Kickstarter Q&A Series

    Curator's Note: The timestamps below direct you to reuploads by various YouTube users that have been retrieved by the Library of Pantheon for historical purposes. Click on the dates next to each title below to see when that video was originally posted by Visionary Realms.

    2014-Jan 30: Kickstarter Community Q&A #7

    Will Pantheon have alternate ruleset servers like Firiona Vie in EverQuest?
    Has there been any more concept art for Pantheon?

    2014-Jan 28: Kickstarter Community Q&A #6

    Can you describe the revenue model for Pantheon?
    Do you plan on purchasing the Unity license and using it? [Unity engine]
    Will Pantheon appeal more to EverQuest or Vanguard players? [target audience]
    Can you describe the internal team structure?
    Will we see the return of “pain and suffering tries to strike you but misses!”?
    Will we see physical pledge rewards, like cloth maps?

    2014-Jan 24: Kickstarter Community Q&A #5

    Will gear in Pantheon be tradeable? Will it have level requirements? [bound items, restrictions]
    Is there a plan for situational (resist) gear?
    How will players be able to manage their different gear sets? [loadouts]
    Would you classify Pantheon as a sandbox, a theme park, or some combination of the two?
    Can you talk about the downtime we can expect in Pantheon?

    2014-Jan 23: Kickstarter Community Q&A #4

    Will stretch goals be designed before hitting them?
    How can you fund an MMO with only $800,000?
    Will dungeons be open like EverQuest, or more like instances in WoW?
    Will we be able to align our character to specific deities?
    Will NPCs drop loot that looks like what they’re carrying?
    Will we see really complex dungeons?
    Will you be working in the trenches as a designer/coder on Pantheon?

    2014-Jan 20: Kickstarter Community Q&A #3

    Will we see the return of epic-style quests?
    Will there be multi-classing?
    Will the world be more of a sandbox or theme park?
    Are you creating a world waiting to be discovered?
    Can you tell us what to expect from Terminus?
    Do you plan to bring back a sense of danger?
    What intellectual property will you be using?
    Will there be big, open zones?
    Will Pantheon mainly be PvE or PvP?
    What feeling will Pantheon evoke?
    Will there be factions in Pantheon?
    Will there be faction grinds?
    What is the genre?
    Will there be contested content? [monopolization]

    2014-Jan 16: Kickstarter Community Q&A #2

    Will there be fast travel?
    Will quests be meaningful?
    Will you support the Oculus Rift?
    Will casters be mobile?
    Do you have a project manager?
    What is the best way to help the project?
    How far into the process are you?
    What input is the team looking for?
    Will there be auction houses?
    What is your motivation for making Pantheon?
    Is loot going to be similar to EverQuest and Vanguard?
    How open is the development process going to be?

    2014-Jan 13: Kickstarter Community Q&A #1

    Why are you making a more challenging game?
    How will you be funding this game?
    What operating systems will be supported? [compatibility]
    Does Pantheon’s creation scare you? [development]
    What do you mean by “more challenging”?
    Will there be raids?
    Will there be open world raids?
    How big will the game world be at launch?
    Will races be more than a cosmetic choice?
    Will Pantheon use open dungeons or instances?
    Will exploration be dangerous and exciting?
    Will the world be zoned or seamless?
    Will the combat be more tactical or action oriented?
    How will reactionary abilities work?
    How will targeting work in Pantheon?

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    2014-Dec 1: New Video Released!

    2014-Nov 8: Pre-Movie Teaser

    2014-Nov 3: Mini Update

    2014-Oct 13: Promotions [Chris Perkins]

    2014-Oct 13: New Video Up!!

    2014-Oct 7: Seeking World Builders [world building]

    2014-Sep 23: Screenshots of the new UI [User Interface]

    2014-Sep 21: Updated Atlas [map]

    2014-Sep 11: New Screenshots

    2014-Aug 27: Our Awesome Growing Development Team [team growth, team size]

    2014-Aug 26: Progress Video

    2014-Aug 21: 08/21/14 Update

    2014-Aug 19: 08/19/14 Mini Update

    2014-Aug 4: Update 8/3/14

    2014-Jul 21: Update 7/21/14

    2014-Jul 7: Update 7/7 part 2

    2014-Jul 7: Update 7/7

    2014-Jul 2: Video Update 7/2/14

    2014-Jun 27: 6/27 Follow-up Update!

    2014-Jun 26: Mini Update 6/26/14

    2014-Jun 17: Work-in-progress Video, 6/17/14. [reveals]

    2014-Jun 3: Building Pantheon [team growth, team size, development, network stack, crowdfunding, Unity store placeholder art assets, Unity engine, character artists, programming, CEO]

    2014-May 12: Re-building Pantheon!! [team growth]

    2014-May 6: Re-building Pantheon Part 2 [team growth]

    2014-May 4: Re-Building Pantheon Part 1 [funding, team growth]

    2014-May 2: New Status Report and Plan [funding, development, team]

    2014-Apr 28: Kingsreach Lore and Map

    2014-Apr 25: Ancient Rivals II

    2014-Apr 14: Heroes of Terminus: Ancient Rivals

    2014-Apr 13: Pantheon’s Financial Situation [funding, investors, development, team]

    2014-Apr 10: Ogre Concept Art Revealed

    2014-Apr 9: Introduction to Gruun Language [lore]

    2014-Apr 6: Celebrate in Gruun Style with Ogre Week

    2014-Apr 4: Further Work on the Dragon

    2014-Apr 2: Kaedryn Keep [lore]

    2014-Apr 1: Roundtable 5: Travel Archive is Now Available

    2014-Mar 31: Official Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen T-shirts Now Available [merch]

    2014-Mar 31: It’s Roundtable Monday

    2014-Mar 28: Roundtable 5 - Monday March 31 - Travel

    2014-Mar 27: More Polish on the New Sunken Sanctum Entrance

    2014-Mar 25: Roundtable 4 Archive Available, Brad’s New Blog

    2014-Mar 25: The Taurokian - Now a Playable Race [lore]

    2014-Mar 24: The Stones of Panthea [lore]

    2014-Mar 24: Weekly Roundtable 4 - Combat Mechanics

    2014-Mar 20: The Celestial Warstaff [lore]

    2014-Mar 19: Two New Contests at K-TAM and Project Pantheon

    2014-Mar 19: Roundtable 3 Archived

    2014-Mar 17: Weekly Roundtable 3 Today, More Dev Blogs

    2014-Mar 14: Weekly Roundtable 3 on Monday

    2014-Mar 13: Creature Feature: The Taurokian [lore]

    2014-Mar 12: The Triundan Calendar [lore]

    2014-Mar 11: Roundtable Week 2 Video Archive Now Available

    2014-Mar 10: Roundtable Reminder for This Afternoon

    2014-Mar 7: Roundtable #2 Scheduled for Monday at 4pm PDT

    2014-Mar 6: The Map and Lore of Celestius [world, zones, Terminus, Kingsreach]

    2014-Mar 4: Creature Feature: The Goblin [lore]

    2014-Mar 3: Roundtable Discussion Scheduled for Today

    2014-Feb 28: Tuesday’s Dev Meeting Recap (with pics!)

    2014-Feb 26: Introducing the Crystal Tower [lore]

    2014-Feb 25: The Pantheon Team Meets Today

    Curator Choice 2014-Feb 22: Site Launch Letter from Brad [target audience, Kickstarter, crowdfunding, investors, publishers, team size, website, pledge perks]

    2014-Feb 21: The Final Hours of the Kickstarter are Upon Us [crowdfunding]

    2014-Feb 20: The Planes of Arcana [lore]

    2014-Feb 19: Introducing The Summoner

    2014-Feb 18: On the Sunken Sanctum [lore]

    2014-Feb 18: On Death in Pantheon [corpse runs, resurrection abilities]

    2014-Feb 18: More on Twitch, More AMA

    2014-Feb 18: The Djinn (The Bound) [lore]

    2014-Feb 18: The Vrilaska (The Lost) [lore]

    2014-Feb 18: The Shaman

    2014-Feb 18: The Gnome [lore]

    2014-Feb 18: The Halfling [lore]

    2014-Feb 18: Class and Race Combinations

    2014-Feb 18: The Wizard 

    2014-Feb 14: New Terrain Screenshots [environment art]

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