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Great Hall

“When we limit our exposure to information, or when information itself is scarce, our picture of reality suffers. We become oblivious to both opportunities and hazards. Trends become invisible. History disappears.”

~John Salka

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The Great Hall contains links and timestamps for every gameplay stream, development stream, developer roundtable, newsletter, interview, press release, and more that Visionary Realms has released since 2015. (All information released prior to 2015 is located in The Kickstarter Era.) This is an enormous amount of information. So if you haven't already, we highly recommend opening the Search Guide in a separate tab to help you find what you're looking for:

The Great Hall is organized in reverse chronological order, so the most recent info will always appear first in searches from top to bottom. Click on a year below to jump to that section:

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2023-Sep 28: September 2023 Newsletter <<Newsletter>>

Producer's Letter [artists, assets, development, Visionary Realms, system requirements]
Community Feature - Vandraad

Curator Choice 2023-Sep 21: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - Art Update <<Video News>>

Chris Perkins on Pantheon's new hand-painted art style [placeholder assets, system requirements, artists]
NPC asset updates
Longevity, sustainability, and marketability of stylized art [development, communication, artists]
Character model asset updates

2023-Aug 31: August 2023 Newsletter <<Newsletter>>

Producer's Letter [artists, assets, system requirements, development, Alpha 1, Pre-Alpha]
Pre-Alpha Recap [testing]
Community Feature - Finn

2023-Jul 27: July 2023 Newsletter <<Newsletter>>

Producer's Letter [Pre-Alpha, testing, 247, Alpha 1]
Pre-Alpha Recap [testing, crafting, networking, Monk class, NPCs, gear]
Community Feature - Jiraki

2023-Jun 29: June 2023 Newsletter <<Newsletter>>

Producer's Letter [communication, releases, reveals, Alpha 1]
More than Shadows, Part 2 [lore]
Community Feature - Nagasakee

2023-Jun 22: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - Parting the Veil - Pantheon's Tanks <<Parting the Veil>>

Design goals behind the Dire Lord refresh
Dire Lord tanking style
Design goals for Dire Lord not wearing plate or shields
Dire Lord DPS Role flex
Warrior design hasn’t changed much from what was previously shown
Techniques are tied heavily into condition manipulation
Warrior Battle Point unique combat resource
Resilience combat resource removed and mitigation rolled into Warrior itself
Shields are a big part of the Warrior's tanking style
Warrior's role flex is Support/Utility
Warrior banner abilities
Battle Formations
Warrior Regroup Ability
Being able to have less ability limitations through class quest progression [Rogue traps, Warrior banners]
Balancing the Warrior’s Wall of Shields ability
Intentionally designing for multiple players of a single class to work together with abilities
Balancing tanks that have no self-heal abilities
What differentiates Paladins from other tanks
What role flex means from a design perspective
Paladin tanking style is more traditional than other tanks
Paladin have bane bonuses toward more than undead
Paladins and Clerics have some shared abilities
Keeping unique class identity while having shared abilities
Cleric and Paladin lore
Paladin Wrath unique combat resource
Paladin Reckoning Point unique combat resource
Paladin Lightful Avenger ability
Why play a Paladin
Threat/aggro generation styles of the three tanks
Situational viability for each class
Monk tanking flex role
Value of off-tanking
Summoner’s Titan pet is more like a flex tank than a main tank
Offset gear repair costs for Tanks [durability]
Utility of Tanks outside of combat
Encounters designed for specific types of tanks

2023-Jun 15: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - Class Refresh: The Rogue <<Video News>>

Alpha 1 roadmap as a flowchart
Recent development challenge and how it was overcome
Plans for a Pantheon lore novel
Impact of AI tools on Pantheon's development
Character surnames
Racial active abilities
Travel and exploration abilities
Visionary Realms developers live streaming their work
Rogues start with Dual Wield skill
Rogue Blackjack Kick ability
Rogue Bloodletter ability
Rogue Shadow Walk ability
Rogue Sinister Strikes ability
Rogue Springwire Trap ability
Umbral Edge Technique
Rogue Explosive Trap ability
Rogue Caltrops ability
Rogue Toxin Craft Synthetic ability
Backstab Technique
Waylay Technique
Rogue Corrosive Brew Ability
Rogue Ambidextrous Ability
Rogue Smoke Trick ability
Rogue opportunity combat resource

2023-May 25: May 2023 Newsletter <<Newsletter>>

Producer's Letter [development, testing, Pre-Alpha, streamer program, ViNL networking, crafting, Alpha 1]
Pre-Alpha Recap [testing, combat, skills, crafting, streamers]
More than Shadows, Part 1 [lore]
Community Feature - Oukbok

2023-May 18: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - Parting the Veil - Pantheon's Healers <<Parting the Veil>>

Shaman no longer have the “hand of” direct healing spells, focus is on HoT
Shaman will have more time-themed spells befitting their lore
Design goal for Shaman’s style of healing
Current focus of implementation for Cleric
Cleric melee abilites
Cleric Celestial Aegis ability
Cleric aid in exploration and traversal with Endurance and resilience abilities
Cleric tomes
Why play a Cleric
Druid design philosophy
Hirode will have different visual representations based on race
The Druid and Hirode
Hirode is not a true pet
How NPC healers function versus a group of players
How each healer class synergizes with each tank class
How gameplay changes for healers as they progress levels
Avoiding certain healing classes being mandatory for certain encounters
Healer flex role capabilities
Druid aspect buff abilities
How non-healer classes with heal abilities compare to dedicated healers
Rangers are not just a Druid hybrid

2023-May 11: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - Class Refresh: The Shaman <<Video News>>

David Schlow is now a quest lore writer at Visionary Realms
Recent ad hoc Pre-Alpha testing was focused on weapon and armor crafting
Encumbrance system implemented in Pre-Alpha testing, but coins have no weight yet
Shaman Fang of Harune ability
Shaman Mantle of Mist ability
Shaman Grip of Shale ability
Shaman Strike of the Snake ability
Shaman Cleansing Flame ability
Shaman Headwinds ability
Shaman Mark of the Fireclaw ability
Shaman Weathering ability
Shaman Crown of Ashes ability
Shaman Replenish ability
Shaman Shackle of Mud ability
Shaman Mantle of the Stream ability
Shaman Paradox ability
Shaman Fang of Salgi ability
Shaman Primordial Curse ability
Shaman Scorched Fog ability
Shaman Wind Strider ability

2023-Apr 27: April 2023 Newsletter <<Newsletter>>

Producer's Letter [development, team growth, artists, streamers, Pre-Alpha testing, Alpha 1]
Pre-Alpha Recap [network and client performance, crafting, gathering, woodcutting, Dire Lord, development, NPC spawn rates, streamers, testing, combat pacing]
Draq - The Auction Wizard [Community Feature]

2023-Apr 20: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - Parting the Veil - Mastery <<Parting the Veil>>

Goals of the Mastery system
How Mastery points are earned [leveling, progression]
How Mastery affects abilities
Rogue Backstab ability Mastery
Dire Lord Provoking Phantoms ability Mastery
Cleric Ward Undeath ability Mastery
Enchanter Mesmerize ability Mastery
Shaman Mantle of Mist ability Mastery
Monk Feign Death ability Mastery
Wizard Fire Bolt ability Mastery
Mastery ranks shared between abilities in an ability line
How noticeable the power and options gained from Mastery will be
Choices when upgrading abilities through Mastery
"Greater Mastery" system [character progression]
How Race affects Mastery
Mastery point cost per rank
Resetting Mastery points
When you can start earning Mastery points
Being able to unlock all Mastery upgrades

2023-Apr 13: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - Class Refresh: The Dire Lord <<Video News>>

Programming team focused on client and network performance for Pre-Alpha testing
Tile hitching fixed
Experience distribution in groups
Combat hit ratings
Woodcutting gathering and cooking crafting profession
Endurance drain from climbing
Finished significant rebalancing of dungeon and overland dungeon NPCs [combat pacing]
Shaman Hurry the Past functions on all HoT spells
Rogue trap abilities can now be resisted properly
Rogue Shadow Walk ability now has a visual effect on the character
Rogue Shadow Step ability now has a max vertical height
Wizard Invisibility ability now has a visual effect on the character
Invisibility ability effects now break on cast start
Wizard Portal ability now has a max vertical height
Cleric healing component of Faithful Strike ability should now heal the marked target
Cleric Writ of Refreshing now grants a flat bonus to all readiness generated
Cleric Luminous Surge ability now heals the caster and allies and damages any enemies within range
Duration of Enchanter Silence ability reduced
Dire Lord Provoking Phantoms ability
Dire Lord Boil Blood ability
Dire Lord Sanguine Shield ability
Dire Lord get dual wield skill at level 4
Dire Lord Life Tap ability
Dire Lord Devour ability line
Dire Lord Essence Harvester ability
Dire Lord Vital Cage ability
Dire Lord Sanguine Cloak ability
Dire Lord Devour Constitution ability
Dire Lord Deafening Whisper ability
Dire Lord Torment ability
Dire Lord stance abilities
Dire Lord Blood Fiend ability

2023-Mar 30: March 2023 Newsletter <<Newsletter>>

Producer's Letter [communication, streamer program, Pre-Alpha, Alpha 1, crafting and gathering implementation, test, networking, client performance, development]
Last Month in Review
A Month in the Life of Content [Anthony Guidi, releases, communication, reveals, demos, team, Visionary Realms]
Community Feature (Community Spotlight)

2023-Mar 23: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - Parting the Veil - Pantheon's Open World <<Parting the Veil>>

The original design conversations about seamless vs. zone lines in an open world [refactor]
The benefits of a seamless overworld [exploration]
How a seamless world impacts zone design
Will weather be persistent across zone lines in a seamless world?
First to Engage vs Most Damage Done kill credit
NPC chase range in a seamless world
There will still be some zone lines
Instancing vs. open world [raids, boss NPCs, layering]
Instancing and limited playtime
There will be contested open world boss NPCs
Different ways to trigger boss spawns
How to make open world dungeons as interactive as instanced ones
How character progression affects ease of travel throughout the world [no flying mounts]
Meeting friends of different races at lower levels
Races not sharing starting areas
Horizontal progression options in an open world
Maximum guild size

2023-Mar 16: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - Crafting and Gathering Update <<Video News>>

New crafting user interface
Gathering tools have separate equipment slots
Gathering and Crafting gear
Potential toggle to show worn gathering/crafting gear appearance
What benefits Crafting and Gathering gear might provide
Gathering abilities in the codex
Precision Strike mining ability [gathering demo]
Solid Grip mining ability [gathering demo]
Powerful Strikes mining ability [gathering demo]
Chipping mining ability [gathering demo]
Strike the Earth mining ability [gathering demo]
Design goal of Gathering abilities
Group gathering mining node demo
Gathering and crafting adding social value [community]
Cooking profession demo [crafting]
Design goals for cooking profession
Invalid cooking combinations don’t consume ingredients
Crafting challenges
How crafting and gathering help make the world more unique

2023-Feb 26: Ep 43 - P-Harmony - Social Systems & Player Relationships in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen <<Dev Interview>>

Design tenets for social aspects of Pantheon [community]
Alternate ruleset servers and roleplaying
What makes Pantheon socially unique
Downtime encouraging social interaction
Designing for limited playtime
Backfilling group members and Near Death System
Target server size
Temporary instances for low level zones at launch to avoid having excess servers
Safe spots in dungeons
Limited instancing
Group finding tool
Inspecting other players
Grouping at low levels
Starting areas and meeting players of different races at low levels
Chat in a seamless world
Guild recruitment
Guild size limits
Maps and cartography
Voice chat
Toxic chat and character naming policy
GMs and Guides
Ignore function [griefing, community]
Character server transfer
Music composer [Chris Perkins, audio]

2023-Feb 23: February 2023 Newsletter <<Newsletter>>

Producer's Letter [Alpha 1, implementation, development, crafting, gathering, ViNL networking, character models, animations, Pre-Alpha testing]
Last Month in Review
Signature Botanicals [artist, Esther Shin, concept, environment, terrain, assets]
Community Feature (Community Spotlight)

2023-Feb 16: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - Bring Out Your Devs - JN Gerhart <<Miscellaneous>>

How JN Gerhart got into writing
How JN Gerhart decided what lore to keep when taking over as Lead Writer
What sort of research JN Gerhart did for world building Terminus
Inspiration for lore names
The process of writing to implementation in game
Gnome pantheon lore
What about Pantheon's lore makes it stand out the most
Will every Point of Interest have lore implications?
Dialogue changing when repeating quests
Skar culture [lore]
Signature character lore stories
What came with each race’s collision with Terminus [lore]
Did Khazas look like the dwarves he created? [lore]
Lady Wyn'Leon lore
What prevented Sevil Manor from being burned to the ground? [lore]
Epic quest lore
Is the Keeper a bard? [lore]

Curator’s Note: Bring Out Your Devs is monthly podcast that is typically available to VIPs only. This episode was recorded on February 2, 2023 and publicly released on the date noted above.

2023-Feb 9: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - Updates From The Art Department <<Video News>>

World building development [Thronefast, The Gate, Wild's End, Ghaldassi Ruins, Hanggore, assets, artists]
Armor asset development [artists]
Animation development [artists]
Availia world building assets [artists]

2023-Jan 26: January 2023 Newsletter <<Newsletter>>

Producer's Letter [Alpha 1, development, seamless, ViNL networking, world building, character models, gathering, ability loadouts, implementation]
Last Month in Review
Terminus - From Design Docs to Art [artist, Jared Pullen, concept]
Introducing the Aridola [lore]
Community Feature (Community Spotlight)

2023-Jan 19: Parting the Veil - Climates and Fractures <<Parting the Veil>>

Differences between Climates and Fractures
Climates planned for launch
Having to deal with Climates at lower levels
Severity of Climates
Tier 4 and tier 5 climates might not be in at launch
Climates in cities
How to acclimate to Climates
Dealing with multiple climates at once
Debuffs from Climates that can’t be mitigated
How common Fractures will be
Difference between Fractures and Rift MMO’s Rifts
Temporary fractures tied to NPCs vs. permanent fractures
Fractures triggered by players
The importance of Climates and Fractures
Climates and Fractures as Gating

2023-Jan 12: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - What's Ahead for Pantheon <<Video News>>

Seamless Zones
Matchmaking tool is not a group finder
Crafting and Gathering
Artist team [Visionary Realms, development, world building]
Zone environments with reused assets won't look identical [world building]
Silent Plains is the world building focus after Avendyr’s Pass
Animation implementation
Dark Myr character model asset implementation
Emphasis on world building
Aridola faction lore


2022-Dec 28: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - Bring Out Your Devs - Steve Clover <<Miscellaneous>>

Steve Clover Introduction
What first got Steve Clover into fantasy and programming
Self taught vs. formally educated programming
Earliest games that Steve Clover liked
How Steve Clover met Brad McQuaid
WarWizard RPG
How Steve Clover and Brad McQuaid got a job working on EverQuest
Earliest development of EverQuest
Steve Clover got Brad McQuaid into MUDs
Steve Clover came up with the races, classes, starting areas in EverQuest
EverQuest Bard song weaving was a bug
Accepting emergent gameplay
How much of the original EverQuest design document made it into the launched game
Project M/Monster Shrouding in EverQuest was started by Steve Clover
Pronunciation of “Najena” from EverQuest
Importance of passion in game development
Key design decisions in MMORPGs
How Steve Clover got involved in Pantheon
Steve Clover heard about Pantheon during the Kickstarter
Programming the Near Death mechanic
User interface and quality-of-life programming
Steve Clover is working full-time on Pantheon
What Steve Clover does to prepare for Pre-Alpha tests [endurance user interface]
How programming has changed since EverQuest
Using the Unity engine for developing an MMORPG [networking]
Could the Perception system cause lag as it gets more complex?
Advice for getting into game programming

Curator’s Note: Bring Out Your Devs is monthly podcast that is typically available to VIPs only. This episode was recorded in September 2022 and publicly released on the date noted above.

2022-Dec 22: December 2022 Newsletter <<Newsletter>>

Producer's Letter [Pre-Alpha testing, ViNL networking, Alpha 1, reveals, communication, streamer, team growth, development]
Last Month in Review
Tools of Pantheon [Robert Crane, programming, terrain, development, procedural generation, environment, world building, assets, artists, design, quests, NPCs]
Community Feature (Community Spotlight)

Curator Choice 2022-Dec 21: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - Adventure in the Goblin Caves <<Gameplay Stream>>

What Tyler Stokes does at Visionary Realms
What Jamie Henry does at Visionary Realms
What Jason Bolton does at Visionary Realms
What Mark Maraglino does at Visionary Realms
What David Schlow does at Visionary Realms
Rogue Second Chance Strike ability
Available classes implemented to level 20
Rogue Caltrop ability VFX
Techniques and the Readiness resource
Defining Dungeons
Complexity of combat [disposition, Limited Ability Set, NPC AI, fractures, class identity, pacing, progression]
Combat is not rotational [Limited Ability Set]
All healers can be main healers
More gameplay reveals in 2023
Enchanter Mesmerize ability
Resting mechanic [resource regen]
Temporary level restrictions on gear for testing
Skills affect the effectiveness of gear, not hard level restrictions [twinking]
Rogue Opportunity Strike ability

2022-Nov 24: November 2022 Newsletter <<Newsletter>>

Producer's Letter [Pre-Alpha testing, Alpha 1, CohhCarnage, classes, combat, itemization, vendors, quest, dungeon]
Last Month in Review
Visionary Realms Gives Thanks [HDRP, ViNL networking, investors, character creation, character models, armor, community, artists, programming, design, Chris Rowan, Chris Perkins, Ben Dean, Jeanna Ruschell, Michael Butler, Duarte Ferreira, Leonardo Evangelisti, Tara Solbrig, Ben Walters, David Beach, Steve Clover, Ester Shin, Jason Bolton, Robert Crane, Jared Pullen, Tony Guidi, team]
Community Feature (Community Spotlight)

Curator Choice 2022-Nov 18: Parting the Veil - The Pantheon Difference <<Parting the Veil>>

Meaning of The Pantheon Difference
System designs changing without the tenets and vision changing
Fractures and Climates
Environmental challenges having more than one solution [fractures, climates]
No Tier 5 climates at launch
Living Codex
NPC AI Combat Awareness and Tactics Systems
Dispositions and Traits
Dark Foe Disposition
NPCs may have traits and dispositions at the same time
Mana-starved Trait
Radiant Trait
Perception System
Colored Mana System
Mentor System
Situational Gear
Climbing added to The Pantheon Difference list [seamless, exploration, class identity]
Combat pacing and LAS design in PvP
The New Pantheon Difference
Pantheon’s tenets
Player reputation [community, instances, streamers, guilds]
What kind of MMO players Pantheon will resonate with [target audience]

2022-Nov 11: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - Year in Review <<Video News>>

Kyle Olsen’s 2022 highlights [programming, HDRP, ViNL network implementation, client performance, designer tools]
JN Gerhart’s 2022 highlights [lore, artists]
Adam Mostel’s 2022 highlights [combat development, attributes, NPCs, vendors, itemization, artists, character models]
Chris Perkins’ 2022 highlights [world building]
New cave lighting
New flora assets [artists]
Timeline for next gameplay stream with CohhCarnage [Pre-Alpha]
What about 2023 will be different to better suit the term “imminence” used for 2022
Next Pre-Alpha test timeline
Implementation of features dependent on ViNL networking
The number of zones slated for Alpha 1 [world building]
New character model implementation
How the most recent Pre-Alpha test helped improve ViNL networking
Magic-user and wizard lore
Paladin, Warrior, and other class implementation timeline
Group compositions are not enforced
How adding more zones will affect ViNL network stability
What a class contributes to a group is determined by the player
Environmental artists currently focused on developing Thronefast and Avendyr's Pass
NPC creature types unique to Pantheon
Mentor system
Crafting implementation
Progression for casual and hardcore players [limited playtime]
Scope of character creation
Travel systems to enable players of different races to play together at low levels [starting areas]
JN Gerhart’s Closing Thoughts
Kyle Olsen’s Closing Thoughts [Steve Clover, programming]
Anthony Guidi’s Closing Thoughts [Quality Assurance]
Ben Dean’s Closing Thoughts [Visionary Realms, team growth]
Adam Mostel’s Closing Thoughts
Chris Perkins’ Closing Thoughts [increased testing]

2022-Oct 27: October 2022 Newsletter <<Newsletter>>

Producer's Letter [Pre-Alpha population, ViNL network, Alpha 1, test frequency, Dark Myr character models, swimming, aggro, assets, environment, terrain, development, implementation, client]
Last Month in Review
Pantheon: Pre-Alpha Impressions [testers, community]
Communities of Pantheon (Community Spotlight)

2022-Oct 20: Parting the Veil - Unique Adventuring Items and Abilities <<Parting the Veil>>

Parting the Veil topics are not the focus of implementation at the time of the podcast [development, communication]
Why iconic items are important
Crown of Illumination item
Boots of Five Feathers item
Ring of Anchors item
Shield of Mirrors item
Skyhold Grappler item
Illusion clickies
Illusion clickies storage and customization
Rarity of iconic items
Vinewoven Bridge Druid ability
Length of Rope Rogue ability
Summon Raft Summoner ability
Some classes being able to explore certain areas earlier than others
Temporary or summoned items to access hidden areas
Gliders [flying mounts]
Skills and Abilities tied to the climbing system
Abilities to scout ahead
Invisible walls as zone boundaries in the world
Benefits for traveling on paths and roads
Chris Perkins' hope for how players feel about travel and exploration

2022-Oct 13: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - Wild's End and Sevil Manor <<Video News>>

500 concurrent players in one zone during most recent Pre-Alpha test with ViNL networking
Improved hotfixing and client patching during most recent Pre-Alpha test
Day/night cycle in most recent Pre-Alpha test
Sevil Manor lore and concept art
Sevil Manor inspiration
The Wellpond environment world building and asset development [underwater]
Underwater foliage concept art

2022-Sep 29: September 2022 Newsletter <<Newsletter>>

Producer's Letter [Pre-Alpha test, character model asset, animation and rigging development, team growth, ViNL networking, weather, day/night cycle, climates, swimming, perception storyline, NPC abilities, Warrior implementation, world building, Alpha 1]
Last Month in Review
Pantheon: One Year Later [development, implementation, HDRP, terrain, seamless, weather, assets, ViNL networking, weapons, techniques, readiness endurance health and mana resources, class passive abilities, combat, user interface, sprint, crafting and gathering, mining nodes, banks, death, deleveling, experience, zones and world building, NPCs, buffs, pacing, armor and weapons, attributes, regeneration, climates, climbing, skills, progression, casters, healing, soloing, difficulty, itemization, gear, visible loot, vendors, patch notes]
Guilds of Pantheon (Community Spotlight)

2022-Sep 22: Parting the Veil - Taming, Mounts, And Travel in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen <<Parting the Veil>> 

Communication goals of Parting the Veil show
The importance of meaningful travel [exploration, teleports]
No flying mounts
Sprinting skill as a form of travel [speed buffs, combat pacing]
Goals of the mount taming system
Taming skill and ability unlocked through leveling and questing
Requirements for taming a mount NPC [level, skill, combat]
Taming a mount NPC [sneak, forms of aggro, endurance resource]
Consider an NPC for taming
Taming skill progression [travel, underwater, climbing]
Mount NPC attributes and resources
Mount taming restricted by class
Travel speed abilities and items [gear, sprint, endurance resource]
Stables and permanence of mounts
Rented mounts
Combat and abilities while on a mount
Inspiration for the mount taming system
Teleport fast travel and boats
Difference between Wizard and Druid teleports
Designs communicated in Parting the Veil show are finalized and not feature creep

2022-Sep 15: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - Character Models and Classes <<Video News>>

Rogue updates
Rogue Skullcracker ability
Rogue Flash Bomb ability
Rogue Smoke Trick ability
Rogue Opportunity Strike ability
Rogue Opportunism ability
Enchanter Update
Enchanter Mesmerize ability
Enchanter Discordant Divination ability
Enchanter Brain Freeze ability
Enchanter Vision of Restoration ability
Enchanter Mental Fortification ability
Cleric Update
Cleric Invigorate ability
Cleric Celestial Guard ability
Cleric Tome of the Initiate ability
Cleric Bonds of Faith ability
Cleric Faithful Strike ability
Old vs new female Human character model
Tara Solbrig Introduction
Duarte Ferreira Introduction
Why the character models are being remodeled
Old vs new male Human character model
Character model rigging and animation process
No features lost with new character models and rigging animations
New character model aesthetics compared to racial concept art
Character modeling and rigging and animation implementation process
Sprinting Animation
Distortion Animation
Evocation Animation
How long the character modeling and rigging and animation implementation is expected to take
Illumination Animation
Idle Animation
Character creation customization
Improvements over old character models and new facial animations
Armor asset development
Demo of multiple armor assets from the same model
Communication release schedule

2022-Aug 26: Investment, Development, and Marketing - With Chris Rowan and Ben Dean <<Dev Roundtable>>

Increasing marketing before Alpha 1 and launch [communication]
How Visionary Realms defines "Success" for Pantheon 
Using recent funding for team growth 
Expected rate of team growth
Communication campaigns 
How development is funded [investors]
Sizzle trailer 
Refer-a-Friend program 
Updates to website and account management
Guild pledges 
Pre-Alpha test session timeline in ramp-up to Alpha 1 
Challenges of crowdfunded development 
Numbering Pre-Alpha test sessions 
Publisher deals declined over revenue model and difficulty
Funding changes only team growth and not design [feature creep]
Removing Pre-Alpha testing access from pledge packages when Alpha 1 gets closer 
Target population of pledges for Alpha 1 and Beta testing 
Revenue model 
GM and Visionary Realms involvement in community after release 
Ben Walters' new Conduct & Security Manager position [play nice policy]
Mobile companion service
Mitigating hacking and botting 
Road to Alpha 1 checklist 
More frequent focus testing 
Plans for Lifting NDA in Alpha 1 [streamer program]
Streamer Program 
Maintaining communication during long-term crowdfunded development 
Development tools 
Series A3 Funding and Series B Funding
Goal for ViNL network implementation
How communication affects investor and publisher relations 
VIP pledge value as Alpha 1 gets closer 
VIP pledge benefits after Alpha 1 starts
Communication changes and no more roundtables 

2022-Aug 18: August 2022 Newsletter <<Newsletter>>

Producer's Letter [Alpha 1, ViNL networking implementation, HDRP, Pre-Alpha testing timeline, programming]
Last Month in Review
Showcasing Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen [communication, reveals, streamer program, releases, Kickstarter, crowdfunding, investors, target audience, Alpha 1, Ben Dean, Visionary Realms]
From Pong to Massive Worlds (Community Spotlight)

2022-Aug 16: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - PreAlpha 2021 vs 2022 Comparison <<Teasers & Trailers>>

2022-Aug 11: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - Art and World Building Update <<Video News>>

Next Pre-Alpha testing session timeline
Changes to Thronefast in the next Pre-Alpha test session
Crafting and Gathering in the next Pre-Alpha test session
Weapon techniques be in the next Pre-Alpha test session
Communication about updates during Pre-Alpha test sessions
Focus of next Pre-Alpha test session
Feedback testers have given that has pushed development in an unexpected direction
Attributes increase with level [progression]
Updates on Character Models
Rare named NPC spawns in the next Pre-Alpha test session
Testing banks
Developers playing incognito in the next Pre-Alpha test session
Playable classes in the next Pre-Alpha test session
Dire Lord updates
Dire Lord Boil Blood ability
Dire Lord Essence Harvester ability, General Techniques, and Attributes affecting ability damage
What the Constitution Attribute does
Dire Lord Devour Constitution ability and Attributes Impacting Ability Potency
Dire Lord Blood Fiend ability
Call of the Dire
Wizard updates
Wizard Ice Lance ability
Wizard Spell Reflection ability
Wizard Cold Snap ability
Wizard Focus Fire ability
Wizard Refocus ability
Shaman Updates
Shaman Wind War ability
Shaman Second Sight ability
Shaman Amaurosis ability
Shaman Wind Strider ability
Shaman Memory of Flame ability
Environment world building before and after graybox assets [vista, terrain]

2022-Jul 28: CohhCarnage Talks Funding & Development with VR's CEO & Creative Director <<Dev Roundtable>>

How Visionary Realms started [Kickstarter]
New funding from investors
Investors are like-minded individuals who share the vision for Pantheon
Accredited Investors
How Series A and Series B funding work
Development focus shifting from programming tools to artists, assets, and content
Visionary Realms team size
Programming and Artist Team growth [Steve Clover]
Integrating new team growth into parallel development projects
Class and combat development and world building [resources, abilities, artists, assets, climbing, exploration, content]
What is Pre-Alpha testing?
New Scion of the Black Rose Pledge Package
Pre-Alpha testing sessions continuing through 2022 and into 2023 [Alpha 1, timeline]
CohhCarnage is one of the investors
How fast Visionary Realms expects team growth to happen with new funding
Team growth priorities are already planned for each department
Subscription revenue model
Artist assets are the hardest aspect of MMORPG development with limited funding
Soloing isn't discouraged
What is ViNL networking?
ViNL networking implementation
Possibility that other studios may copy Pantheon and launch sooner
CohhCarnage will be a streamer during Pre-Alpha test session in September
Intern or volunteer positions at Visionary Realms
Combat pacing
How active GMs will be [policing, play nice policy, griefing]
New Conduct and Security Manager role at Visionary Realms [policing, play nice policy, griefing]
Testing to make sure the game is fun and engaging [Quality Assurance]
What endgame will be like
Types and sizes of raids
Various spawn methods
What endgame will be like (cont'd)
Encouraging exploration of the entire world even at high levels [progression, endgame, gated content]
Guides and volunteer GMs

2022-Jul 21: July 2022 Newsletter <<Newsletter>>

Producer's Letter [funding, investor, Visionary Realms, pledge, Pre-Alpha testing, Alpha 1, development]
Last Month in Review
The Near Death Experience [health resource, healers, aggro, NPC AI, tank role, combat, deleveling, durability, corpse, Remnance, Soul Memory, resurrection, Eternum, Necromancer]
Stopping to Smell the Roses (Community Spotlight)

2022-Jul 21: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Secures Significant Private Investment <<Press Release>> [funding, investor, Visionary Realms, Chris Rowan, communication] 

2022-Jul 14: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - Art and World Building Update <<Video News>>

Availia Village Entrance Concept Art
Availia Village Windmill Concept Art
Availia Docks Concept Art
Availia Market Concept Art
Thronefast Bay Concept Art
Thronefast Bay Graybox 3D Concept Art
Corcyran Temple - Availia Cleric and Paladin class starting area Concept Art
Monk class starting area Dojo Concept Art
Rogue class starting area Concept Art
Gadai Bandit Concept Art
Dilapidated House Concept Art
Thronefast Sewers Concept Art
Availia Warrior class starting area concept art
Demith Village Building Concept Art in Black and White
Demith Village Building Concept Art in Color
Demith Village Building Screenshot 1
Demith Village Building Screenshot 2
Demith Village Building Screenshot 3
Demith Village Building Screenshot 4
Demith Village Building Screenshot 5
Karanite Ore Concept Art
Shining Karanite Ore Concept Art
Slytheril Ore Concept Art
Glittering Slytheril Ore Concept Art
Tascium Ore Concept Art
Mining Nodes Screenshot 1
Mining Nodes Screenshot 2
Mining Nodes Screenshot 3
Mining Nodes Screenshot 4
Mining Nodes Screenshot 5
Newest environment artist team growth
Steve Clover joining the programming team [team growth]
Near Death Mechanic implementation [programming]
Old HDRP Terrain vs. New HDRP Terrain
New HDRP Terrain - terraced mountain assets doubling playable space
New HDRP Terrain - terraced mountain assets enabling vertical exploration with climbing
How new HDRP Terrain Mountain Assets affect travel in a seamless open world
Mad Run reveal 1
Mad Run reveal 2
Human Arcane User Starting Area - Arcane Watchtower
Kingsreach vista from Silent Plains screenshot 

2022-Jun 24: Dungeon Design <<Dev Roundtable>>

Dungeon size and complexity compared to Halnir Cave
Amount of dungeon zones planned for launch
Dungeon NPC encounter density
Rare NPC spawns and loot in dungeons
Designing dungeons for certain player populations
Changing dungeons to fit player populations during Alpha 1 testing
Points of no return in dungeons
Dungeons with multiple entrances and exits
Dungeons leading to other dungeons [Seven Locked Door]
Manglerock dungeon design
Interconnected dungeons spanning multiple zones or continents
Underwater dungeons
Underwater movement and combat [mounts, trave, sprinting]
Safe spots in dungeons
The differences between underground and overland dungeons
Options if a group member leaves while deep in a dungeon
Dungeons below level 10 [onboarding]
Designing dungeons for certain player populations (cont'd)
Designed NPC camps
Incentivizing players to return to dungeons at higher levels [fractures]
Dungeons with unique gameplay mechanics [fractures]
Day/night cycle affecting access to certain areas within dungeons
Platforming and jump puzzles in dungeons
Joining a group that's deep in a dungeon at a safe spot [Call of the Hero teleport]
Evacuation abilities
Limited playtime and 2-hour session design for dungeons
Designing dungeons to make players want to explore them [fractures, faction, perception]
Roguelike elements inspire how lore is uncovered by killing the same NPC multiple times [raid]
Gated content in dungeons
Endless modes and high score content in Tower of the Reckless Magician dungeon
Shortcut mechanics in dungeons
Is Halnir Cave too linear of a dungeon?
Dungeon crawl vs. camping

2022-Jun 16: June 2022 Newsletter <<Newsletter>>

Producer's Letter [Alpha 1, environment artist, team growth, network implementation, ViNL, seamless, pathing, weather, world building, assets, character models, development, Pre-Alpha test]
Last Month in Review
The Pantheon Dungeon Experience [design, instances, travel, open world, exploration, wide level ranges, climates, fractures, encounters, bosses, NPC spawns, rare loot, gated content, lore, perception, camping]
The Community Lorekeeper (Community Spotlight)

2022-Jun 9: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - Monk Combat Updates and Gameplay <<Video News>>

Race Class Combinations Updates: Druid
Race Class Combinations Updates: Shaman
Race Class Combinations Updates: Warrior
Race Class Combinations Updates: Dire Lord
Race Class Combinations Updates: Cleric
Race Class Combinations Updates: Paladin
Race Class Combinations Updates: Ranger
Race Class Combinations Updates: Summoner
Meditation resource regeneration [downtime]
Food resource regeneration [consumables]
Monk Bo Staff animations demo [abilities, techniques, combat]
Sprinting demo [mounts, travel]
More abilities to use in combat at level 1 [pacing, progression, Limited Ability Set, techniques, resources]
Development of other classes' abilities [techniques, resources]
Abilities for all classes except Bard and Necromancer have been designed through level 50 [implementation]
How implementation of the new network stack affects development speed
Plans for melee animation impact
At what level should players be expected to group up
Combat meditation
Meditation resource regeneration (cont'd) [downtime]
Rock and mountain environment art asset development [world building]
Druid healing forte
Floating combat text [user interface]
Abilities labeled as silenceable or interruptible in the casting bar [user interface]

2022-May 27: Combat and Adventuring <<Dev Roundtable>>

Perception design and implementation
Content that requires a Keeper for exploration [perception]
Keepers may get unique, combat-oriented abilities
Resurrection abilities between healer classes
Gear durability loss on death [items]
Gear attributes are not affected by durability [items]
Designing for balance between encounters and zones
Combat and resource development
Abilities affected by the surrounding environment
Perception affecting combat abilities
Corpse recovery in underwater content
Class identity with Limited Ability Sets [combat]
Puzzle difficulty in perception storylines
Repairing gear [items]
Classes balanced for different weapon types
Monopolization of boss encounters by solo players
Different playstyles of the healer classes
Abilities with long cooldowns
Cleric melee combat and soloing
Caster melee techniques
Caster weapon skill caps and melee combat
Experience from exploration [perception, progression]
How race choice affects the classes
How race affects perception

2022-May 19: May 2022 Newsletter <<Newsletter>>

Producer's Letter [team growth, artists, world building, Visionary Realms, development, ViNL network implementation, crafting and gathering implementation, programming, Alpha 1]
Last Month in Review
The Early Monk Experience [abilities, combat, pulling, off-tanking, progression, techniques, design, soloing, DPS, endgame, conditions, Chakra, Limited Ability Set]
Verified Human (Community Spotlight)

2022-May 12: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - Answers, Lore, Updates, & More <<Video News>>

ViNL implementation status [network]
Banking implementation status
NDA for Alpha 1
In-game holidays
Techniques that use off-hand items like shields
Death penalty
Sea travel
Differences between pet classes
Bound on equip items
Team growth [artists, world building, developers, Visionary Realms]
Thronefast and Gadai lore
Sorhiryth world building and gliders

2022-Apr 29: Crafting and Gathering <<Dev Roundtable>>

Goals of the crafting and gathering systems
Why schematics have limited uses
Crafting specializations
Powerful crafting ingredients won't only be raid loot
Regional schematics and crafting recipes
Crafting profession interdependence
Will crafters be able to spend more time crafting than adventuring
Rarity of max level specialization in a crafting profession
Risk vs. Reward in crafting and gathering
Gathering skills and methods
Crafting minigames
Customizing crafting recipes with different ingredients
Crafting profession limits per character
Crafting profession interdependence (cont'd)
Crafting profession progression
Gathering ingredients shown in concept art
Gathering node locations and the free mounting system [mounts, travel]
Crafted items affecting the free mounting system [mounts, travel]
Crafting journal
Crafting related to lore
Trading between continents [auction, economy]
NPCs in the world that teach you more about crafting and gathering
Global currency and coin weight [economy]
Server-wide world crafting events
Brewing as a provisioner and poisonmaking as an alchemist
Racial crafting professions
What determines the quality of a crafted item
Randomization in crafting and gathering
Item deconstruction [salvaging]
Gathering skill progression
Crafting and gathering gear and tools [items]
Crafting user interface
Classes not being pressured to be a certain crafting profession
Will crafted consumables spoil over time?

2022-Apr 21: April 2022 Newsletter <<Newsletter>>

Producer's Letter [programming, network, crafting, Quality Assurance, class design, world building, artist team, Alpha 1]
Last Month in Review
Videogame Startups from a CEO Perspective [Chris Rowan, NFTs, development, funding, investors, team, publisher, Visionary Realms]
Combat Improvements: An Introduction to Techniques [resource, classes, abilities, animations, weapons, Limited Ability Set, skill progression]
Embracing the Silly (Community Spotlight)

2022-Apr 20: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Lead Dev Interview - Chris Perkins - Countdown to Classic Podcast <<Dev Interview>>

How development feels from the perspective of the community vs. the team
Team size
Chris Perkins' gaming background and inspiration for Pantheon
Making a compelling classically-spirited MMORPG in the modern age [exploration, horizontal progression, limited playtime] 
Chris Perkins despises daily quests and flying mounts
Inspiration for the Disposition system

2022-Apr 14: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - State of the Game Update <<Video News>>

Network stack and snow weather implementation [programming]
Weapon and armor asset development and animations [artists]
Quality Assurance testing for HDRP, abilities, and terrain
Crafting, loot tables, combat, and class implementation [design]
Artist job postings [team]
The Daedrym Ascent in Wild's End [reveal]
Sorhiryth reveal

Curator Choice 2022-Apr 7: Parting the Veil - E2 - Soloing in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen <<Parting the Veil>>

Solo vs. group content
How design evolves over time
Designing matchmaking tools
How changes to combat affect soloing
Soloing and different levels of progression
Some classes being better at soloing than others
Learning to play a class before endgame
Content monopolization from solo players and the world opening up as you level [itemization, progression]
Preventing soloing from becoming easier than grouping
Players can level up by soloing, but grouping allows for everything Pantheon has to offer

2022-Mar 25: Writing and Art <<Dev Roundtable>>

Who are "the Fallen?" [lore]
Lore that doesn't fit in Terminus
Unannounced deities and what the Skar smell and sound like
Holly LeMay's impact on biomes and underwater environments [artist, concept art]
Innovation in lore and artistry
Lore for expansions
Color palettes in concept art
Making cities and starting areas feel alive
Aligning lore and concept art
Perception storylines that involve signature character lore stories
Lore that directly inspired concept art
Replacing placeholder art assets
Development of the lore of Reignfall
Writing lore for immersion and gameplay
Concept art for immersion
How lore affects the concept art style
Replicating the existing concept art style
Highbrace lore

2022-Mar 17: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - HDRP 1440p Ultra High Def Montage <<Teasers & Trailers>>

2022-Mar 17: March 2022 Newsletter <<Newsletter>>

Producer's Letter [HDRP, network stack (ViNL) implementation, day/night, Alpha 1, quality assurance, testing, weather, development, art assets, user interface, onboarding, class and pet implementation]
Last Month in Review
HD Rendering Pipeline Gallery [HDRP]
Community Engagement... and Boats! (Community Spotlight)

2022-Mar 10: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - HDRP Part II <<Video News>>

Biome generation with Gaia
How Gaia speeds up world building
Water system
Day/night cycle
Weather system
Climbing mountains
Internal quality assurance for performance with the weather system
Most art assets shown are finalized
In-game day/night cycle does not correlate to real world day/night
In-game seasons in addition to day/night
How weather will behave now that the world is seamless
Vendors opening and closing with the day/night cycle
NPC populations in Thronefast

2022-Feb 25: HR <<Dev Roundtable>>

Is team size or internal communication more important?
Visionary Realms' current team focus
Can Visionary Realms accept volunteer work?
Team building activities
Onboarding new developers [team, Visionary Realms]
Tools the team uses for managing developer tasks
Why Jeanna Ruschell and Lynn Ashworth applied to start up Visionary Realms’ HR department
Upcoming team growth
How HR responsibilities extend into the game world
How much of the current Visionary Realms team is full-time vs. part-time
Team growth for unlisted positions and hiring from the community
Team diversity
Plans for a central Visionary Realms office
Interning at Visionary Realms
Visionary Realms' current team focus (cont'd)
Preparing for future team growth

2022-Feb 17: February 2022 Newsletter <<Newsletter>>

Producer's Letter [HDRP, network stack, Alpha 1, water system implementation, development, day/night cycle, art assets]
Last Month in Review
The Early Wizard Experience [endgame, combat, abilities, progression, soloing, DPS]
The Ghaldassii Ruins [lore]
Enchanting Pantheon Discovery (Community Spotlight)

2022-Feb 10: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - The Giants of Terminus <<Video News>>

Giants concept art
Giants lore
Elvonnen Giant Ruins concept art
Giants environmental concept art
Ghaldassii Ruins grayboxed
Ghaldassii Ruins art assets and terrain screenshots reveal
Ghaldassii Ruins and Wild's End vista
Patch Notes

2022-Jan 28: Programming <<Dev Roundtable>>

Pre-Alpha tests and pet implementation after the new network stack is implemented
How Unity engine's new Data-Oriented Technology Stack affects Pantheon's network stack
New network stack implementation status
Test-driven development
Vegetation system status
More Pre-Alpha tests after day/night cycle and water system implementation
Meshed servers
ViNL network library overview
How ViNL compares to other Unity engine network libraries
Licensing ViNL to other studios [network]
Network ping speed goals
Programming boss design tools and weather system after network stack implementation
Will Pantheon be a cloud game?
Trivial loot code
Raid boss encounter scaling [zerging]
How NPC AI and dispositions affect chase range [leashing]
What ViNL stands for [network]
Benefits of multi-threaded networking
Network I/O explanation
Client vs. network server processes
Dwarf beards
Changes to player movement controller
How Kyle got interested in networking
How Kyle Olsen learned networking
How familiar Chris Perkins is with programming as Creative & Programming Producer
Secure client connections
Custom development tools still in use
Characters tied to specific servers

2022-Jan 20: January 2022 Newsletter <<Newsletter>>

Producer's Letter [HDRP, team growth, artist, communication, streamers, Alpha 1, Visionary Realms, pledge system]
Last Month in Review
Q&A with Quality Assurance Lead Kim Morrison [testing, HDRP, Visionary Realms, development, team]
From Behind the Curtain, Into the Spotlight (Community Spotlight)

2022-Jan 13: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - Alpha Roadmap Progress Live Stream <<Video News>>

New plan for shorter stream releases [communication]
What makes an Alpha 1 to-do list goal "Complete"
HDRP and foliage development
Clarification that "instancing" is also a rendering term
Class development & combat changes
Cleric and Paladin implementation
New network stack demo
The importance of networking
New network stack implementation has begun
Lore and world info added to the website
Item materials library [crafting/gathering]
How much info to release about NPC AI, encounter placement, and combat development
Pets system dependent on the new network stack
Outsourcing Art & Animations
User Interface development


2021-Dec 23: December 2021 Newsletter <<Newsletter>>

Producer's Letter [year-in-review, alpha 1, pledges, HDRP, network stack, reveals, Pre-Alpha, communication]
Monthly Recap
A Lantern in the Dark (Community Spotlight)

2021-Dec 19: Creating An Immersive MMO Experience - Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen <<Dev Interview>>

Why most modern MMORPGs lack immersion
Designing for immersion by not making players the protagonist [lore, perception]
Social spaces and emergent gameplay
Meaningful crafting in endgame progression
Avoiding a rush to endgame by designing progression to be meaningful [travel, itemization]
Avoiding scope creep [design, development]
Death penalty balance
Racial lore [Khazas, Khadassa]

2021-Dec 17: The Art of Combat <<Dev Roundtable>>

Combat with different NPC types [dispositions, traits]
Using terrain and interactable objects to your advantage in combat
Combat user Interface, ability effects, and telegraphs
Dispositions causing NPCs to adapt
Pet auto attacks and ability user interface
Support role
Balancing support classes
Perception in combat
Status of the colored mana system
NPC animations for reacting to ability effects in combat
Damage calculation
Power of summoner pets
Trivialization of encounters - emergent gameplay vs. exploits
Limited Ability Sets and combat
Item durability loss on death
Raid vs. group difficulty
Clicky items
Physical damage mitigation based on weapon type
Infamy and raid monopolization
Enchanter crowd control power
Enchanter charmed NPC power
Player abilities backfiring
Enchanter charm range in a seamless world
Melee combat animations
Why dwarves are immune to disarm
Mitigation and avoidance tanks
Epic quests and epic weapons
Monk weapons
AoE ability damage limitations
NPCs with limited ability sets and the same class abilities as players
Caster combat NPC AI
New sprint skill and removal of spell critical hit chance

2021-Dec 9: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - Forging Terminus Developer Live Stream <<Video News>>

Unity engine and HDRP assets
Halfling Male Model Asset Before and After HDRP
Halfling Female Model Asset Before and After HDRP
Elf Male Model Asset Before and After HDRP
Ogre Male Model Asset Before and After HDRP
Orc Male Model Asset Before and After HDRP
New character artist Phillip Keidge [team growth]
Warhammer Concept Art
Warhammer in-game asset appearance
Great hammer in-game asset appearance
Mace concept art
Mace in-game asset appearance
Great mace in-game asset appearance
Importance of weapon materials
Dagger concept art
Dagger in-game asset appearance
Spear concept art
Short Spear vs Long Spear
Short Spear in-game asset appearance
Long Spear in-game asset appearance
Halberd concept art
Halberd in-game asset appearance
Weapon type and skill is meaningful for all classes at all levels
Weapon types and weapon skills affect more than chance to hit
Shield concept art
Shield in-game asset appearance
Wild’s End world building
Re-using art assets in world building
Amberfaet dungeon overview
Black Rose Keep dungeon overview
Halnir Cave dungeon overview
Hanggore dungeon overview
Isle of Infinite Storm raid zone overview and other unseen dungeons [Manglerock]
The Gate flyover
The Gate lore
The Gate concept art
Designing for players to have freedom over how they achieve a goal
The Gate Grand Atrium concept art
The Gate water puzzle room concept art
The Gate screenshots
2021 to 2022 development outlook [imminence]
Whip weapon type
What's on the other side of The Gate
The speed of implementation with HDRP
Unique item appearances for each race
Will caster weapons effect spells?
Climates in The Gate
Skill progression outside of combat
Unique weapon type animations

2021-Nov 26: Lore and Writing <<Dev Roundtable>>

What ideal companion writer JN Gerhart would choose to work with
Keeping real world technology out of Pantheon lore to preserve immersion
Ossari's Battle with a War Wizard [lore]
Lore releases
How iconic armor is named
How lore affects zone development
Halflings and the Six Wards of Hiryth [lore]
Potential Barbarian race
Using real world history books as inspiration for Pantheon's lore
Monk roleplaying
Lore of starting areas and onboarding
The Gate
How players will consume lore other than quests and perception
Skar universally hated by other races [faction]
Keeping ideas for future lore
Removed lore
The Black Moon King lore
The Silent Plains inhabitants and lore
Additional playable races
Mad Run lore
Unique racial languages

Curator Choice 2021-Nov 25: Parting the Veil - E1 - Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is Not Niche - Part 2 <<Parting the Veil>>

Death penalties don't have to be alienating by design [target audience]
Why people still think Pantheon is an EverQuest "clone" [design, target audience]
Avoiding feature creep [design, implementation, development]
Improving accessibility without decreasing challenge [community, limited playtime, onboarding]

Curator Choice 2021-Nov 18: Parting the Veil - E1 - Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is Not Niche - Part 1 <<Parting the Veil>>

Pantheon is not being designed as a Niche game [target audience]
Creating tension with Death Penalties
Designing for a “niche market”  limits creativity [target audience]
Pantheon's target audience [Pantheon overview]
Free mounting system [mounts, travel]
Designing with fun in mind
Balancing death penalties with ways to recover

2021-Nov 18: November Newsletter Extra - More AMA Questions Answered! <<Dev Interview>> [teleports, fast travel, porting, tank info releases, soft launch, crowd control, lore releases, name reservation pledge perk, starting areas, team, development, Visionary Realms, website, surname, map, content releases, quests, perception, ability VFX progression]

2021-Nov 18: November 2021 Newsletter <<Newsletter>>

Producer's Letter [HDRP, network stack implementation, combat, abilities, attributes, itemization, gear progression, items, class identity, level progression, difficulty, Alpha 1]
Last Month in Review
Parting the Veil, Ep. 1
From Gamer to Creator (Community Spotlight)

2021-Nov 12: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - Live Developer AMA <<Video News>>

Combat DPS balance
Monk combat passive and active abilities
Druid Hirode pet and indirect healing
Making leveling fun vs. racing to endgame
World building and density of content
Speed of world building development
Team growth and funding
Unique racial starting attributes and racial actives
Next Pre-Alpha test session before the end of 2021
New networking stack implementation
Length of text in a perception ping
GM events
All race models implemented before Alpha 1
Are pledge with Pre-Alpha test access still worth it?
Unity store art assets vs. custom in-house art assets [placeholder]
Grayboxing in Alpha 1
Terrain streaming chunks and loading
Zones in 'The Bait' lore story appearing in-game
Migrating art assets to new HDRP project
When loading screens will be necessary in a seamless world

2021-Oct 29: Testing, Community, and Customer Service <<Dev Roundtable>>

Best tool for customer service
How customer service prepares for focus test sessions
Discord pledge perk for Champions
How often customer service interacts with players during test sessions
What customer service looks for during focus test sessions
How focus testing helps development
Discord pledge perk for Champions (cont'd) [community council]
Who is involved in focus testing
The next focus testing session
The ideal feedback loop between developers and testers
Guide system
Post-launch test server
Focus testing vs. playing to have fun
Pre-Alpha test sessions vs. focus test sessions
Pros and cons of test sessions
Learning from other MMORPG launches
First Alpha 1 session vs. launch day
Server events
Customer service vs. quality assurance
How the programming team works with customer service
Customer service in Alpha 1, Beta, and post-launch
Response time for in-game customer service
Will guild issues have dedicated customer service?
Server splits and merges
Acknowledging in-game customer service requests
The importance of community spreading the word
How the community can be improved
Refer-a-Friend program
Understanding player intent through text
Preventing botting and gold farming
Policies on griefing [play nice policy]

2021-Oct 21: October 2021 Newsletter <<Newsletter>>

Producer's Letter [seamless, open world, NPC chase range, leashing, Alpha 1, combat, HDRP, class abilities, network stack implementation, gathering nodes, world building, zones, graybox, animations]
Monthly Recap
Heads Down with Kyle and Rob [Kyle Olsen, Robert Crane, programming, Unity engine, HDRP, URP, Gaia, development, world building, graybox, network stack, Ranger and Summoner implementation, server population, client]
The Space Between the Lines (Community Spotlight)

2021-Oct 14:Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - HD Rendering Pipeline Part 1 - Tech and Tools <<Video News>>

HDRP overview
Unity engine scene programming
Unity Collaborate
Zone loading screens
Houdini vs. Gaia
Graybox to terrain development demo
World building speed with procedural terrain
Variable terrain erosion
Has Kingsreach terrain map changed with Gaia?
Cave asset development demo
World building speed with procedural terrain (cont'd)
How Gaia affects the development timeline
Procedural NPC and character assets
Terrain and asset streaming demo in Unity engine
Seamless world and zone lines
World size limitations with terrain streaming
Asset detail density with terrain streaming
Terrain and asset streaming demo in Unity engine (cont'd)
Patch Notes
Avendyr's Pass graybox terrain before & after screenshots
Refer-a-Friend program

2021-Sep 24: Community & Marketing <<Dev Roundtable>>

How does Visionary Realms decide what to reveal? [communication]
Planning new ways to release information [communication]
Target audience for current communication
How to foster a nontoxic community
Will Pantheon be showcased at upcoming conventions?
Anthony Guidi's goals for communication and the Streamer Program
What Anthony Guidi has learned about Visionary Realms since joining the team
Planning new ways to release information (cont'd) [communication]
Answer to the misconception that there will be forced grouping [soloing]
A typical work day for Anthony Guidi
Building community and bringing players together in-game
When mainstream communication will be ramped up and how crowdfunding affects that
Class ability reveals
How to ensure the community remains welcoming to both new and veteran players
Community and GM events
Communication lessons learned from short-lived MMORPGs
Referral program
When the official Discord server will be opened to everyone
How Anthony Guidi has helped with communication 

2021-Sep 16: September 2021 Newsletter <<Newsletter>>

Producer’s Letter [team growth, Wild’s End, graybox, terrain streaming, gathering nodes, Thronefast, Avendyr’s Pass, Black Rose Keep, itemization, Alpha 1, patch notes]
Last Month in Review [investors, Alpha 1 timeline, Ranger Summoner Warrior Cleric Paladin and pets implementation, Wild’s End concept art and assets, world building, grayboxing]
Introducing Tim Schuhler [environment, assets, Wild’s End development, HDRP]
Creature Feature: Mad Moor [concept art, lore, NPC, Wild’s End]
The Bait, Part 2 [lore]
How Game Worlds Foster Creativity (Community Spotlight)

2021-Sep 9: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - Building Wild’s End <<Video News>>

Wild’s End lore
Wild’s End zone overview and graybox flyover
Wild’s End vegetation concept art
Kingsreach and zone scale and world size
Sorhiryth concept art
Art asset development process
Ghaldassii Ruins lore
Ghaldassii Ruins overview, graybox flyover, and environmental storytelling
The Wellpond lore and graybox flyover
HDRP and terrain streaming elevation [world building]
The Wellpond concept art
The Gate lore and dungeon overview
Wild’s End environment concept art
Mad Moor lore
Environmental juxtapositions
Mad Moor concept art
Mad Moor art assets
Terrain streaming, HDRP, and network stack implementation

2021-Aug 27: Production & Communication <<Dev Roundtable>>

Writing the Producer's Letter
Potential investors
New zone and visual transformations with HDRP conversion
How Visionary Realms will increase communication before Alpha 1
Team growth and hiring strategy
Will Pantheon be available on Steam?
Communication missteps
Improving communication, pledges, and website
Website updates
Alpha 1 timeline
Updating the network stack before updating the Ranger and Summoner
How the community manager is involved in communication
Each class in an archetype performing their role equally but differently
Healer role
Dealing with critics and internet trolls
Scheduled info releases
Terrain streaming, art asset implementation, and HDRP
The differences between Project Producer and Creative & Programming Producer
Alpha 1 to-do list terminology clarification
Matchmaking system and the community 

2021-Aug 19: August 2021 Newsletter <<Newsletter>>

Producer’s Letter [team growth, Pre-Alpha, Monk, traits, NPC abilities, Enchanter abilities, Dire Lord abilities, Shaman abilities, Wizard abilities, Diminishing Returns, NPC AI, Alpha 1, patch notes]
Last Month in Review [Alpha 1, timelines, dynamic events, Dispositions, traits, design]
The Bait, Part 1 [lore]
Gaming as a Family (Community Spotlight)

2021-Aug 19: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - Depths of Halnir Cave Montage <<Teasers & Trailers>>

2021-Aug 13: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - CohhCarnage Hosted Gameplay - August 2021 <<Gameplay Stream>>

Character selection screen
Pantheon overview and team size
Halnir Cave
Rogue role, abilities, and Opportunity unique combat resource
Limited Ability Sets
Rogue Opportunity combat resource and stealth
Rogue trap abilities
Autoattack keybind
Combat music and audio
Ability rotation combat
Rogue toxin crafting ability
Class passive utility abilities
Rogue toxin crafting ability (cont’d)
Rogue Vapor Trap ability and pulling
Wraith NPC AI and abilities
Assist command
Rogue stealth strategy
Saved ability loadouts
Assist command and macros
Enchanter Spell Turn ability
Trap detection
Wrath of Wraith ability and NPC AI
Ranged combat implementation
NPC Superheated Trait
NPC Traits and Dispositions
Free trial
The importance of crowdfunding
Pre-Alpha player population and pledge perks
Belts as light sources
Female character models
The importance of immersion, exploration, and group interdependence
Ability acquisition
Ashbarran the Banebound miniboss fight
NPC combat vs. Climbing
Interactable objects
Non-combat activities and roleplaying
Player profiles and matchmaking
Enchanter Spell Turn ability duration
Halnir Cave lore
Safe spots
Target audience
Revenue model
Pre-Alpha testing
The Thief of Eternity boss fight
Thronefast grayboxed

2021-Aug 3: Pantheon's Pre-Alpha 5 Hosts Hundreds of Players for an Action-Packed Weekend <<Press Release>> [Pre-Alpha, testing, Monk, Alpha 1, pledges, crowdfunding]

2021-Jul 30: Design & Production <<Dev Roundtable>>

Lessons learned from other games
Monk combat passives and Limited Ability Sets
Monk orders
Updates to existing classes as new tools become available
Class changes in Beta
Perception system
Creating content with new tools
Content with Dispositions, traits, Fractures, and NPC AI
Inspiration for designers
Collaboration between design and artist teams
The importance of design tools
Group composition
Is Ben Walters involved with design?
Perception system immersion
Recent delays that will affect launch timeline
How Ashes of Creation Alpha 1 has affected Visionary Realms and Pantheon's development
Recent updates to classes
Traits and Dispositions
Passive abilities
How developers know when a design is good
Design function vs. space
First-person camera view
Size and scale differences for races in environments

2021-Jul 26: Recapturing MMO Magic & Joy: The Chris “Joppa” Perkins Pantheon Interview <<Dev Interview>> [immersion, crowdfunding, audio, Unity engine, development, Amberfaet, Whitethaw, Kingsreach, Alpha 1, character creation, pets]

2021-Jul 15: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - The Monk <<Miscellaneous>> [abilities, demo]  

2021-Jul 2: Pantheon Rise of the Fallen Monk Preview Bonanza! <<Video News>>

Monk role: DPS, pulling, off-tanking
Chi resource
Chakra gates
Monk abilities overview
Auto attack
Monk unarmed fist weapons
Passive combat abilities
Monk abilities overview (cont’d)
Charged abilities
Monk abilities overview (cont’d)
Group synergy
Pack Hunter NPC trait
Interrupt abilities
Combat pacing and Mass Killing
Patch Notes
Limited Ability Sets
Additional general hotbars
Elemental monk abilities
Charged abilities (cont’d)
Tweaking previously implemented classes for increased complexity

2021-Jun 29: June 2021 Producer’s Letter <<Newsletter>> [team growth, Alpha 1 timeline, patch notes, Pre-Alpha testing] 

2021-Jun 25: Quality Assurance <<Dev Roundtable>>

Prioritizing severity of bugs
How test plans and pass/fail are determined
Quality assurance with a small amount of testers
Testing full groups
Iterative testing
Quality Assurance methodology
Do Quality Assurance testers get bored?
How to write good bug reports
How frequently Quality Assurance talks with developers
Bug report triage
Quality Assurance involvement in Pre-Alpha tests
Tyrannical chickens
How Quality Assurance makes a game better
Difference between Quality Assurance and Pre-Alpha testers
Pre-Alpha test session focus
Programming and creative teams determining the test focus
Aspects of the game that have already been thoroughly tested
How far in advance Quality Assurance tests Pre-Alpha builds
How helpful have Pre-Alpha testers been so far?
How much the Quality Assurance department will grow
Can Quality Assurance determine if code is good or bad?
Testing for bugs vs. testing if it's fun
Quality Assurance working with design and programming teams
Bug reporting and feedback tools
How to write good bug reports (cont'd)
Does knowing what to expect make it harder to catch bugs?
Unique class identity
Automated testing
Working remote
Quality Assurance working with world building team
Testing encounters
Finding bugs leads to looking for bugs in other places
Tools built specifically for Quality Assurance

Curator Choice 2021-Jun 4: NPC Combat Tactics <<Video News>>

Isle of Infinite Storm introduction
Meaningful decisions for NPC AI
NPC AI custom targeting logic
Logic flowchart for NPC casting stun on healer
Gameplay demo for NPC casting stun on healer
Tuning NPC AI
Logic flowchart for NPC pulling caster in closer
Logic flowchart for NPC purging a crowd controlled ally
Gameplay demo for NPC purging a crowd controlled ally
Logic flowchart for NPC taking advantage of an off-balance enemy
Logic flowchart for NPC casting on an enemy with mana resource
Logic flowchart for NPC casting on an enemy mana user who is not crowd controlled
Gameplay demo for NPC taking advantage of an off-balance enemy and enemy with mana resource
Action twitch combat vs. tab targeting [pacing]
Logic flowchart for NPC choosing between 2 targeting options
Ability flowchart for curse damage with knockback
Gameplay demo for Demise ability (curse damage with knockback)
Definition of challenge
Patch Notes
NPCs running out of mana resource
Abilities to break crowd control
NPC Ability overlap
Dispositions and NPC AI
Traits and Dispositions
NPC AI applied to types manually
Designers using tools without programming team assistance
Intelligence attribute tied to depth of NPC AI
Collision with objects when being pushed back
NPCs working together for strategies and combos

2021-May 28: Programming <<Dev Roundtable>>

Dealing with real money transactions (RMT)
The most challenging design ideas for programming
The most exciting obstacles the programming team have overcome thus far
How two people are programming an entire MMORPG?
An example of when the programming team overcame a roadblock
Terrain streaming
Developers monitoring and playing during Pre-Alpha test sessions
How long it takes to implement the new network stack
How tools help the design team
Which tools help the design team
How implementation of the new URP (Universal Render Pipeline) affects development
How implementation of the new network stack affects development
Why the Monk, Ranger, and Summoner are important to implement next
Do multiple corpses affect server performance?
Cartography tool to allow players to make their own in-game maps
Shaman Vision resource implementation
Parallel team work during the new network stack implementation
How different types of zones affect server performance
Reputation and declaring war on factions
How server choice will affect lag
The coolest tech or tool that Pantheon has developed thus far
How to avoid abilities being broken for long periods of time
The most complicated class ability in the game
Terrain streaming, patching system, crafting/gathering, Monk animation and combat resource implementation
Implementing doors, lifts, and boats
Benefits of new ability system and flowchart tool
Implementing final environment art assets
Character controller and camera control implementation
Utilizing DOTS/ECS programming with the Unity engine
Players dropping items into the game world
Biggest issues with the Unity engine
Keybind customization
Programming for first and third person view / adjusting field of view
New network stack
Preparing to expand the programming team
Definition of entities
Design team and the Odin tool, ability loadouts
Implementing bank features in preparation for Alpha 1
/follow command
Upcoming Unity engine features that will help Pantheon's development
Layering audio
Employee turnover and technical debt
Can players view post-combat reports?
Zone crashes in previous Pre-Alpha 5 session
VPN and net bios tunnels on clients for security or performance gains
Stats included in the post-combat reports

2021-May 14: Alpha One Breakdown <<Video News>>

Why classes are top priority for Alpha 1
Why pets are second priority for Alpha 1
The importance of NPC AI combat awareness
Why Universal Render Pipeline (URP) and Network stack aren’t first priority for Alpha 1
Guild functionality in Alpha 1
The importance of the Perception system
Banking in Alpha 1
The importance of Climates
Atmospheres renamed to Fractures
Work left to be done on Climbing
Pyrophobic, bloodthirsty, and mana-crazed Disposition implementation
Limited Ability Set loadouts
LFG tool
Factions in Alpha 1
Tutorial and onboarding in Alpha 1
Character models and Ranger animations
The importance of game audio, sound effects, and music
Terrain map of Kingsreach
Level 1 - 30 Gameplay loop for Alpha 1
Timeline for new race class combination matrix
Approximate time to level from 1 - 30
Will all races be playable and rigged in Alpha 1?
Racial starting attributes
When grayboxing will be replaced with finished terrain art assets
Outsourcing rigging, art assets, character modeling, and sound

2021-Apr 30: State of the Game w/ Chris “Joppa” Perkins <<Dev Roundtable>>

Wraith NPC implementation
Chances of Alpha 1 in 2021 [timeline]
The most challenging ideas to implement
Bard and Necromancer
How often new classes are implemented [ViNL networking]
Experience rate
Dispositions and Traits
Cities within larger zones
Implementing the Ranger beckoning system [pets]
Monk, Ranger, and Summoner
URP and network stack
Class synergy and Perception system
How Houdini helps with world building
Community management in preparation for Alpha 1
Status of potential investors and publishers
Racial actives
Greater Mastery system
VIPs testing the Evaluation Build
Instanced raid content
Dark Myr underwater breathing
Tank design philosophy
Melee classes with silences/interrupts
Chances of the Progeny system being at launch
Exploration-based class abilities
World building development
In-house art asset development
The biggest obstacle for meeting deadlines
Current stance on early level gameplay
Showing NPC levels on nameplates
When to expect 24/7 testing servers
Project Faerthale development
Testing server uptime in Pre-Alpha
Quest Design
Races planned for Alpha 1
Climates and Resource Regeneration
How the team maintains work/life balance
Procedural generation
Will Reignfall have level 1-50 content?
Bard composition system
Servers in Pre-Alpha vs. new network stack
When to expect Skar in-game
When Gnomes will have visible armor
Trees in Pre-Alpha
Things that will never be in Pantheon [instancing, flying mounts, freeform mounts]
Audio composer
Pets Names
Zones being worked on that the public hasn’t seen
Race Class combinations

2021-Apr 2: Behind the Design - Balance and Progression <<Video News>>

Classes need to be fun
Development process: Content first, then class toolkits
Exploration vs. Challenge
Balancing the HP and mana resource pools
Acquisition rate of loot with attributes
Balancing player DPS and NPC difficulty
Monk unique ability types
Player HP and mana resources, and DPS
Balancing the intended goal and flavor and feeling of the classes
Patch notes
Will any class be able to perform three combat roles?
Class balance and roles
Are you already thinking about Bard and Necromancer when designing content?
Disengagement abilities and mechanics for classes
Will there be any class-specific, non-combat skills?
How are you creating tension between vertical and horizontal progression?
Max level, day/night, and underwater content [endgame]

2021-Mar 28: Pantheon Rise of the Fallen - Rewind 49 - Lead Writer JN Gerhart Part 2 <<Dev Interview>>

Shaman lore
Cleric lore
Paladin lore
Druid lore
Ranger lore
Summoner lore
Best source for learning lore
Dragons and Reignborn [lore]
Learning about the racial deities and pantheons in-game
Native inhabitants of Terminus [lore]
The Ashen Sanctum [lore]
Racial subtypes
Are Humans rewriting Terminus' history? [lore]
What Gnomes look like without the wraps (Maq’esh)
Halfling beards 

2021-Mar 27: March 2021 Producer’s Letter <<Newsletter>> [Alpha 1 timeline, Pre-Alpha testing, team growth]

2021-Mar 26: Lore <<Dev Roundtable>>

Lore PDF for purchase
Dwarves branching out from their original pantheon of gods
David Beach and JN Gerhart collaborating on crafting & gathering
Lore changes due to technical limitation
What else came to Terminus with the 9 races
Dark Myr’s stance toward other races
Types of Wolfkin and the Fangstone
The five wards of Hiryth
Wards of Hiryth
Gnome reproduction
Is Pantheon’s lore influenced by real-life politics?
The four monk races’ flavors
Unique class-defining items
Voice acting for quest
Lore knowledge making you a better player
What historical texts have influenced the lore writing
Why was the Paladin renamed from Crusader?
Has the lore changed much in the past 4 years?
Skar society
Wizard and Druid portal lore
Current lore vs. old lore
Structure & physics of Terminus
How lore will be introduced to players in-game
How lore is implemented into the game
Books and languages in-game
Terminus’ historian, the Keeper
A god that the community hasn’t heard about yet
Books and products inspired by lore post-launch
Lore articles in newsletters
Universal trade, language, writing, currency
Khazas vs. Sleepless
Internal chronology for future of Terminus
Halfling beards
World map
Racial lifespans
Halfling factions
Clarification on in-game map
Ogre society

2021-Mar 21: Pantheon Rise of the Fallen - Rewind 48 - Lead Writer JN Gerhart Interview Part 1 <<Dev Interview>>

JN Gerhart introduction
Writing dialogue vs writing backstory
JN Gerhart’s literary influences
When written lore becomes part of the game
Plans for future Signature Character stories
Signature Character stories providing class identity
Monk lore
Wizard lore
Enchanter lore
Warrior lore
Rogue lore
Dire Lord lore

2021-Mar 5: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Community Streamers Play Fortress DeViare <<Gameplay Stream>>

Shaman Class Introduction
Shaman Walk the Ages ability
Perception system and Fangstone
Shaman Abilities
Shaman Abilities (cont'd)
Interactable Objects
Fortress DeViare is a real zone
Perception is optional
Reasons to become a Keeper [Perception]
Perception vs. Quest User Interface
Climate Glyphs
Max level Dire Lord raid gear appearance [items]
Content gated by locked doors
Audio and sound
Interactable Objects (cont’d)
DeViare Cave Dungeon
Resurrection debuff
Multi-use abilities
Classes flexing group roles
Ability acquisition by looting
Group Wipe
Content gated by Climate
Different tanking styles
Count Gallion DeViare miniboss fight
Hyoket’s Eye artifact and fractures
Hyoket the Azure Queen boss fight
User Interface customization
Shaman vision resource implementation
The Gravemother miniboss fight
Exploration and hidden areas
Climbing isn't a gimmick

Alternate Perspectives:
Dire Lord
Rogue [crafting demo at 40:11 and 1:21:35]
Shaman (David Schlow Perspective)
Wizard (Part 1) [lore]
Wizard (Part 2)

2021-Feb 26: Crafting & Harvesting <<Dev Roundtable>>

What David Beach does at Visionary Realms
Crafting and gathering’s impact on the economy
Buying ingredients from vendors or gathering for jewel crafting
Gathering skill limitations
Will the crafter’s name and item grade appear on items?
Limited-use tools and ingredients for crafting
Crafting system tie-in to Perception system
Tools necessary for all gathering skills
Which will be more involved: gathering or crafting?
Crafting progression tie-in to Mastery system
Crafting tie-in to the skill system
Forms of progression in gathering
Crafting /gathering being reliant on adventuring
Adventuring being reliant on crafting/gathering
Quests and tasks
Boats and ships
Twinking and crafted gear [items]
Trading used equipment
Crafting complexity and originality
Stackable ingredients
Gathering and weather
Will progression be gated by crafting/gathering?
Crafting specialization
Item durability and repairing
When can players pick a crafting specialization?
Crafting desirable items vs. looting desirable items
Will gathering still feel “traditional”?
Gathering mini games
How many professions will be focused on consumables?
Dumpster diving
Node gathering gated by level or location
Inventory realism
Attribute restrictions on crafted gear [items]
Point-based leveling system for gathering
Changing crafting/gathering specializations
Achievement titles for crafting
Bag volume vs weight/slots
Attribute food [consumables]
Guild halls with crafting areas
Crafting in the Evaluation Build

2021-Feb 14: Ep 13 - Bean Stew - Pantheon Crafting & Gathering with David ‘Nephele’ Beach & Chris ‘Joppa’ Perkins <<Dev Interview>>

How David Beach came to join Visionary Realms
How Nephele’s vision for crafting has changed/built upon the previous design
How Chris Perkins came to join Visionary Realms
The six crafting professions [consumables]
Incentives for profession specialization
The iterative nature of game design
Item sinks to mitigate oversaturation
Are molds and schematics consumed during crafting?
Racial bonuses for crafting
How to mitigate best-in-slot (BiS) syndrome and promote attribute diversity
Can boss NPCs have Dispositions? [manifestations]
Equipping a tool to gather and the risk of gathering
Design stance on Quality of Life (QoL) improvements
Balancing storage space with weight and stack size
Weight reduction bags
The cost of failure when crafting

2021-Feb 5: Crafting & Gathering Introduction <<Video News>>

Patch Notes
Crafting Introduction
Crafting as a core part of the game
Cooperation between crafters and adventurers
Crafting and the economy
Crafting gear vs. consumables [items]
Cooking gameplay demo
Ingredients and attributes
Regional ingredients and recipes
Mining gameplay demo
Chance to get higher quality ingredients
Ingredient scarcity
Gathering without crafting
Blacksmithing gameplay demo
Schematics acquisition
Interdependency of crafting professions
Crafting quests
Progression gated by quests
Penalties for crafting failure
Unbound ingredients
Interdependency of crafting professions (cont’d)
Balancing the economy potential of each crafting profession
Crafting mini-game
Gathering node visibility
Ingredient weight and inventory space
Quality and diversity of ingredients vs. quantity
Player contracts and work orders
The six crafting professions
Crafting specializations
Gathering skills
Gathering specializations
Every gathering skill is useful for every crafting profession
Bulk crafting production
Crafting and gathering skill caps
Speed of crafting progression
The importance of consumables
Attributes and buffs affecting crafting
Guild and Crafting storage
Gathering node rarity
Day/night cycle affecting gathering

2021-Jan 29: 2021 Outlook for Pantheon & Visionary Realms w/ CEO Chris Rowan <<Dev Roundtable>>

Chris Rowan’s backstory
How important is the Evaluation Build
Showing the Evaluation Build to investors
2021 goals for development [timeline]
Timetable changes due to recent investor
Benchmarks needed to reach Alpha 1
Development progress tracker
Versioning for future TLP servers
Logistics of scaling up testing
Hardcoding and the refactor
Network stack
Hacking, botting, and account security
Premium servers
Non-public difficulties Visionary Realms faced in 2019-2020
How Visionary Realms plans to be structured after launch
Planning for race changes, name changes, server transfers, and server mergers
Launch plans
Quality of life features
Investors, crowdfunding, and public interest
Marketing and communication in Alpha 1
Hiring a Technical artist
Will the Evaluation Build ever be available to the public?

2021-Jan 19: January 2021 Producer’s Letter <<Newsletter>> [funding, team growth]

2021-Jan 19: Further Funding Acquired for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen <<Press Release>> [Alpha 1 timeline, new board member] 

2021-Jan 11: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - PlusYou CLIP -Joppa Stops By Q&A <<Dev Interview>>

Chris Perkins's thoughts on the Evaluation Build gameplay with CohhCarnage
Next class to be revealed
More of Fortress DeViare to be showcased in future reveals and re-use of art assets
The process of taking grayboxed environments to polished final art assets
Layers of depth in the world contributing to immersion
Hyoket the Azure Queen boss fight
Plans for PvP
Chris Perkins's involvement in producing the in-game audio

2021-Jan 11: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Evaluation Build Gameplay w/ CohhCarnage <<Gameplay Stream>>

Evaluation Build overview
User Interface
Evaluation Build overview (cont’d)
Perception content density
Pantheon overview
System requirements
Rogue abilities Codex overview
Mastery system
Limited Ability Sets and hotkey customization
Rogue trap abilities [ground targeting]
Quests vs Perception
Climate glyphs
Adventuring vs exploration and lore play styles
Stealth near light sources
Climbing and endurance resource
Gathering tools
Climate glyphs (cont’d)
Mining skill [gathering]
Revenue model and free trial
Natural acclimation [climates]
Crafting demo
Pyrophobic Disposition
Autoattack hotkey
Combat music [audio]
NPC mana resource
Stealth near light source (cont’d)
Day/night vision
Alchemy crafting toxins
Rogue toxins
Where to learn more about Pantheon
Dire Lord essence combat resource
DMCA music [audio]
Ability cooldowns
Development pace and team
Ability upgrades and Mastery
Rogue opportunity combat resource
Ability acquisition
Rogue opportunity combat resource (cont’d)
Natural acclimation (cont’d) [climates]
Rogue opportunity combat resource (cont’d)
Death penalty
Count Galion DeViare miniboss fight
Fractures and artifacts
Hyoket the Azure Queen boss fight


2020-Dec 26:Pantheon Rise of the Fallen Voices of Terminus Show #186 The Years End 2020 <<Dev Interview>>

Redbubble merch store
Mastery system
How Visionary Realms felt about the Death Penalty leak
Bard is “tentatively” planned to be in for launch
Pantheon’s design Tenets being in at launch without the IP being sold to an outside publisher
The biggest myth about Pantheon
Pantheon's design philosophy inspiration not a clone of EverQuest [Pantheon overview]
Selling Jared Pullen’s large speedpaints as prints [merch]
Visible gear progression
Transmog gear cosmetics
Different races grouping together at low levels
Mastery as part of Crafting
Planned updates for pledges
Streaming program updates
Plans for 2021
Pyrophobic Disposition integration

2020-Dec 4: Monster Jam with Jared Pullen <<Video News>>

Buoyant Gas Bat
Process for creating monsters
Regional NPC variants
Oggrym (cont’d)
Faerthale NPC concept art
Faye Hollow biome speed paint concept art
Faye Hollow NPC concept art
Plains biome speed paint concept art
Greater Blue Plains Ox NPC concept art
Ratkin NPC concept art
Faerthale NPC concept art (cont’d)
Plumed Runner NPC concept art
Terror Maw NPC concept art
Tribute to Kurt Habetler and Sky Grazer NPC concept art
In-game footage of Avendyr’s Pass in Graybox
Combat tuning
Definition of “dungeon”
Tier 1 Frigid Climate example
Challenge vs. punishment
Rejoining your group after death
Patch Notes [Manglerock]

2020-Nov 27: Environmental Art <<Dev Roundtable>>

Where do environmental artists find inspiration?
Randomization in Houdini
Does race size affect access to certain areas? [scale]
How much creative freedom do you have?
Non-attackable wildlife
Sense of scale in the world
Number of environments
Glowing environment
Ingredients specific to environment [gathering]
Environmental concepts from lore
When will grayboxing be replaced with final art assets?
Zone development process
Gated access to zones
Building new area
Art assets related to Terminus holidays
Day/night cycle in art assets
Events changing the environment
Will weather affect gameplay?
Challenges in designing areas
Maze-like environments
Thinking about classes when designing zones
Environments as an enemy

2020-Nov 19: November 2020 Producer’s Letter  <<Newsletter>> [team growth, Evaluation Build, Pre-Alpha testing]

2020-Oct 30: Programming <<Dev Roundtable>>

How to prevent burnout
Are player interactions handled server-side or client-side?
Client refresh rate
Minimizing client bandwidth
Scoped information
Kyle Olsen's professional history with cleaning up code
Challenges with coding an MMORPG
Network testing
Dumb clients
Linux client
Speed of implementing new classes
Accessibility for colorblind players
Network stack
System requirements and DX11
User Interface customization
Mobile companion app
Timeline for out-of-game services [merch, mobile]
Client-side combat logs
Upcoming classes
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Twitch integration
Mobile companion app (cont’d)
Post-combat reports for players
Workload differences between Pre-Alpha and Alpha 1
Combat output to log file
Encryption frameworks
Biggest development concern
Project Faerthale’s impact on development
Anti-cheating tools
Event-driven code
Crowdsourcing pro bono art asset development
Ability system
Log-in servers on launch day
Universal Pantheon Discord emoji
In-game chat dice rolls

2020-Oct 30: Environmental Art - How It’s Made <<Video News>>

What Jimmy Lane does at Visionary Realms
Houdini world building tool overview
Why Houdini is used
Terrain tiles
Object masking
Object models as terrain
Using ProBuilder to modify terrain mesh in Unity engine
Melding Faerthale terrain and ProBuilder mesh
Rotating terrain to connect zones
Moving grayboxed terrain
Orc art assets
Time to build Hanggore
How long it takes to build a zone [world building]
Lessons learned from building the Isle of Infinite Storm
Screenshots and time lapse of building objects and terrain in Isle of Infinite Storm
Concept art
Unity store placeholder rock art asset packs
Custom shaders
Creating a new rock art asset
Dynamic moss and snow on rock mesh
Graybox cave development
Procedural terrain development demo in Houdini
Patch Notes
Light sources
Day/night cycle affecting content
World building software
Untamed world
Jimmy Lane’s world building inspiration
What “Player vs. Environment” (PvE) means to Jimmy Lane

2020-Oct 16: Pantheon MMO: Ben Dean Interview Pre Alpha 5 and Beyond <<Dev Interview>>

What Ben Dean does at Visionary Realms
Surprises from the Pre-Alpha 5 Shakeout
Interacting between the developers and the community
Things to keep in mind about Pre-Alpha pledges
Community dynamics of old school MMORPG fans vs. newer MMORPG players
The most difficult class to implement and balance
Definition of a successful Pre-Alpha 5
Grayboxing & finished art asset pipeline
Network stack and server load in Alpha 1 and Beta
Is Pre-Alpha 5 the last Pre-Alpha phase?
Funding negotiations and deals with publishers and investors
How the developers decide when to reveal secrets to the community
How the developers feel when players start logging in for a Pre-Alpha test
Plans to test PvP in Pre-Alpha 5
PvP zones
Classes available in Pre-Alpha 5
Will raids be tested in Pre-Alpha 5?
Will Summoner pets be tested in Pre-Alpha 5?
Class ability lists on the website
How the pandemic has impacted Visionary Realms
Wizard hats in Pre-Alpha 5
How often Visionary Realms will release videos in Pre-Alpha 5
Streamer Program in Pre-Alpha 5
Internal testing without voice chat
Will there be zones that are kept a secret until launch?
More race options for the Paladin
PvP implementation
When Paladin will be tested
How investors and publishers fit into the original funding plan
Hardcoding and future-proofing the codebase
Ability testing in Pre-Alpha 5
Underwater content in Pre-Alpha 5

Curator Choice 2020-Oct 14: October 2020 Producer’s Letter <<Newsletter>> [Kickstarter, programming, refactor, Project Faerthale, Pre-Alpha testing]

2020-Oct 12: Theoryforge with Guest Chris “Chris Perkins” Perkins, Creative Director of Pantheon <<Dev Interview>>

Chris Perkins's history with RPGs
MMORPG worlds with a sense of fear, danger, and tension
Death penalty philosophy
Design pillars
Can players receive Dispositions?
Supernatural darkness Fracture
Climbing and how players interact with the terrain
Breaking summoned objects
Perception system and exploration
The importance of wide level ranges in zones
Social skills [Perception]
Racial and ethnic diversity for character creation
Timeline for Pre-Alpha 5

2020-Sep 25: Pledges and Rewards <<Dev Roundtable>>

Can I give additional money without changing my pledge?
Vanity pets
Storage pledge perks
Illusion Flasks and the Ring of the Fallen
Item renaming vouchers pledge perk
Pre-paid monthly subscriptions [revenue]
“Design a quest line” pledge perk
A la carte pledge options
Logistics of designing quest, raid, and dungeon pledge perks
Additional character slot, early name reservation, and early character creation pledge perks
Pre-purchasing extended game time
A la carte pledge upgrades
More standalone fundraising efforts
Monthly payments for Pre-Alpha pledges vs. internal development timeline
Account page detailing what’s included in their current pledge
Are there any old pledge rewards VR wishes they hadn’t offered?
Support for original Kickstarter backers
Kickstarter early access “head start” pledge perk
Lifetime subscription [revenue]
“Design an item” pledge perk
Cosmetic pledge perks
In-game nameplate pledge perks
Monthly payments for $3k or $10k pledge tiers
Guild pledges
Spouse and family accounts
Different color in-game nameplates
Nameplates on forum profiles
Submitting an in-game painting as a pledge perk

2020-Sep 28: Exploring New Realms - The Future of Online Games - PAX Online <<Dev Interview>>

Chris Perkins's history with MMORPGs and why he became a game developer
The difference between solo and online games
Pantheon bringing immersion, exploration, challenge, and community back to the genre
The future of MMORPG communities
How technology has changed and made developing MMORPGs easier
The future of MMORPGs

2020-Sep 24: Dire Lord Gameplay Preview <<Video News>>

Dire Lord abilities overview
Mastery system
Dire Lord abilities overview (cont’d)
Dire Lord gameplay demo
Mana resource mushroom consumable
Combat resource regeneration and battle meditation
NPC abilities the same as player abilities
Interrupt abilities
NPC factions
Grouping with two Shamans filling different roles
Faction hits in a group
Patch Notes
Faction (cont'd)
Perception system, Consider system, and factions
Dual wielding vs. two-handed weapons
Debuff limit
Unique battle meditation animations
Content gated by faction lockouts

2020-Sep 11: Web Teaser <<Teasers & Trailers>>

2020-Aug 28: General Q&A w/ Ben Dean and Chris “Joppa” Perkins <<Dev Roundtable>>

Progeny system
Streamer Program in Pre-Alpha 5
Player shops
Gathering and Crafting implementation
Item tier color system
Vendors and economy in Pre-Alpha 5
Mail system
Onboarding players new to MMORPGs
Size and content density of zones
Goals for Pantheon a year after launch
Class implementation rate
Longer testing sessions during Pre-Alpha 5
Additional character slot pledge perk
Benefits of the Unity engine
Black Rose cosmetic pledge perks
Next Pantheon convention
Play-nice policy
Skar implementation
Racial actives
Pre-Alpha 5 Shakeout focus
Voice acting
Guide program
Are classes being refactored?
Races available in Pre-Alpha 5
PvP ruleset servers
Greater Mastery system
Climbing away from NPCs
Max level and experience rate in Pre-Alpha 5
Funding status
Bug reporting tool

2020-Aug 27: Pantheon Pre-Alpha 5 Shakeout In-Game Preview <<Gameplay Stream>>

Login screen
Character selection and character creation screens
Wisdom and intelligence attributes for casters
Graybox Thronefast
Inventory character sheet User Interface
Inscribing an ability into the Codex
Handholding, onboarding, and orientation
Shaman class introduction
Heavy narrative in quests vs. meaningful discovery
Experimenting with bartering essences for abilities
NPC AI for immersion and Perception
Faction and consequences of choices in NPC interactions and Perception
Meaningful attribute points
Thronefast cave graybox

2020-Jul 31: Lore <<Dev Roundtable>>

The Ginto and other lost inhabitants of Terminus
Motivations and outlook for playable races
Lore in the Perception system
Why don't Skar wear undergarments in concept art?
How deity selection affects character creation
Why can’t Gnomes be healers?
Why can Dark Myr be clerics?
What deities give up to become mortal
Was Avendyr a bard?
Will there be an in-game opening cinematic to introduce new players to the lore?
Naming conventions for races
How special are player characters in the world?
How the races view good and evil
How did the Dark Myr retain their aquatic abilities?
Is there a central storyline for players to follow?
Writing lore for gameplay mechanics
Tohrn Elves and Tohrndannyr's Sight
Fourth letter from Keepings of Castigue
Working on Kingsreach and Silent Plains lore
Race-specific lore quests
Day/night cycles
Is Terminus an actual planet?
How death is handled in lore
Connections between zones
How to keep lore consistent and expandable
How an Archai chooses what element to bind with during the True Birth ceremony
Who is Ermos?
Ogre clans
The human home planet
What Gnomes eat
A day in the life of a Skar
The start dates of the Eras of Collisions
Monk lore
Are Gnomes agnostic?
How do Ogres and Dark Myr feel about the Skar?
Ocean zones
What makes the Silent Plains so silent?
Are Necromancers going to be considered “evil” by every race?
Lore clues in the game world that may lead to discovery
Will Halflings be able to become Paladins?
Easter eggs in lore
Will players find out why races are pulled to Terminus?
References to the Progeny system in Signature Character stories 

2020-Jul 30: State of the Game <<Video News>>

Classes available during Pre-Alpha 4 Shakeout
Climbing and Endurance resource
Pre-Alpha 5 focus
Quests and tasks vs. Perception
Streamer program in Pre-Alpha 5
Zone population
Pre-Alpha test session time limits
Faerthale screenshots
Non-linear zone design
Death penalty and challenge
Meaningful attributes and corpse runs
Death penalty and binding
Death penalty and experience loss
Item retention upon death and naked corpse runs
Corpse recovery options
Death penalty and item durability
Deleveling from death experience loss
Patch Notes
Quest sharing
Crafters repairing gear [items, durability]

2020-Jun 26: Community Management <<Dev Roundtable>>

How the developers handle feedback from the community
The most challenging topics to moderate on the forums
What's included in the new website
Streamer program
Timeline for the new website
Features of the new website
Bazaar zone vs. community-made trading hubs [economy, auction]
The most important message to get out about Visionary Realms and Pantheon
Will the forums be archived or migrated with the new website?
Community tournaments
The most exciting and polarizing features for the community
Plans for a web-based player repository like VGPlayers or EQPlayers
In-game jail
Server-wide events outside of raiding
Discord voice channels during game testing
New merch store payment options
Developer Diaries

2020-Jun 25: What to Expect from Pre-Alpha 5 and More <<Video News>>

New website preview
New Black Rose Keep graybox flyover and sense of arrival
Changes to Black Rose Keep
Black Rose Keep and the surrounding zone
Player population
Graybox vs. final polished Faerthale art assets
Using Climbing to skip content
Timeline date predictions with crowdfunded development
Day/night cycle
Black Rose Keep lore
Patch Notes

2020-Jun 20: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Combat Q&A w/ Creative Director Chris Perkins <<Dev Interview>>

Design philosophy conversations with Brad McQuaid about combat and Limited Ability Sets (HLDD)
Limited Ability Sets and consoles
Swapping out abilities in combat
Saving ability loadouts
Why non-combat abilities are part of the Limited Ability Set
The impact of Limited Ability Sets on drive-by buffing
Where hotkeys for activated skills are kept
Can you have more than one general hotbar?
Hotbar for pets abilities
Limited Ability Sets and Dispositions
Action combat and aimed shots vs. tab targeting [pacing]
Limited Ability Sets vs. managing cooldowns and resources
Ensuring all abilities are relevant
Metrics when designing and populating zones with NPCs
How many abilities classes will have at max level
What level a class will have a full hotbar of abilities [limited ability set]
Unlocking additional hotbar slots [limited ability set]
Adjusting the amount of hotbars and slots throughout testing [limited ability set]
Unique racial active abilities
Types of racial active abilities
How itemization is designed with Limited Ability Sets in mind

2020-May 29: Game Design <<Dev Roundtable>>

Is Tower of the Reckless Magician still representative of the challenges players will face at launch?
NPC AI and Dispositions
Zone population, placement, size, and NPC density ("player push")
Encounter design scaling and Infamy system
NPCs differing from one zone to another
How to deal with unpopular zones
Player actions affecting NPC spawning
Sharing quests with group members
NPCs of opposing factions battling each other
Content monopolization and long term camping spots
Dynamic NPCs spawns
Condition manipulation by NPCs
Status of crafting and gathering after Corey LeFever left
User Interface for showing what Disposition an NPC has
Location of campfires
Classes tested in Pre-Alpha 5
Implementation of caravan and mentor systems
NPC aggro range User Interface indication
Hidden treasure chests
Preventing Climbing from being exploited
Summoning multiple permanent or charmed pets
Pets commands
Will Necromancers require corpses for their pets?
Latent abilities and attributes on gear that isn’t shown in the tooltip [items]
NPC AI threat management and Dispositions
Rogue's Length of Rope vs. normal Climbing
Guild halls
Corpses and corpse dragging
Balancing different Mastery paths within a role
Areas that are only accessible by small races [scale]
Climbing walls that require a high skill level
NPC AI behaving according to their class
Static NPCs
Will NPCs have the same abilities as players of the same class and level?

2020-May 29: Perception Storylines - How They Work in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen <<Gameplay Stream>>

Chat bubble over NPC heads
Intuition Perception skill
Perception storyline and dialogue User Interface
The goal of the Perception system
Investigate Perception skill
Perception storyline demo outcome 1
Perception storyline demo outcome 2
Perception storyline demo outcome 3
Perception flags
Perception system and immersion
Consequences of actions and rewards in Perception
Narrative surprises and variations in Perception 

2020-May 29: Combat Synchronizing <<Video News>>

Combat synchronization
Monk auto attack animation demo
Ability queueing
Animation hurrying
Ability queueing and latency
Shaman Hurry the Past ability demo
Ground targeting
Dire Lord Splatter ability demo
Charged abilities
Patch Notes
Starting attributes at 1
Animation canceling

2020-May 20: May 2020 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>


2020-Apr 30: UI Grayboxing, AI Integration, Patch Notes & More <<Video News>>

Codex User Interface grayboxing
Ability details in Codex
Mastery system paths
Character sheet and inventory User Interface [currency]
On-demand attribute information
Coin weight [currency]
Climate system User Interface 
Climate glyphs
Climate types
Climate tiers
Climate score and detrimental effects
Natural acclimation [climates]
Maxing out acclimation [climates]
Glyph pouch
Temporary glyphs vs. legendary glyphs
Racial Climate bonus
Other methods of acclimation [climate]
Quest journal
What Kyle Olsen does at Visionary Realms
NPC AI scripting
Network stack
Patch Notes
Torches and Climate
Gnome character model
NPC Climbing

2020-Apr 24: Customer Service <<Dev Roundtable>>

Guide program
Character naming policy
In-game and out-of-game support
How in-game griefing will be handled
Customer service as a small team
Guide program (cont'd)
Website for live service
Most common customer service issues expected post-launch
Goal time for in-game issue resolution
Revenue model
Play Nice Policy
Prerequisites for being a guide
Multiboxing and botting policies
Timeline for Pre-Alpha 5
Server localization at launch
Multiple accounts playing from the same IP
GM events
Server transfers
Name an NPC pledge perk

2020-Apr 8: April 2020 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Producer’s Letter [development, racial character models, animation, User Interface, Name-an-NPC pledge perk]

2020-Apr 3: Shaman Abilities <<Video News>>

Healer role and fortes
Shaman overview and healer abilities
Codex and downranking abilities
Ability macros in Codex
Mastery overview
Mastery demo
List of all character attributes, resistances, resources, skills, and conditions
Spell power and buffs modifying ability tooltips
Shaman Surging Power proc Mastery upgrade
Shaman Echo of the Oceans ability
Mastery point costs
Mastery point respec
Mastery vs. talent trees and specialization
Mastery point acquisition
Shaman Echo of the Oceans Mastery
Shaman abilities boons & banes
Shaman water boon
Shaman Keeper of Elemental Mysteries passive ability
Ability resistances and Shaman Sting of the Silver Wasp ability Mastery upgrades
Shaman Molten Crown ability
Mastery point acquisition (cont’d) [crafting Mastery shards and crystals]
Shaman Cleansing Flame ability
Buff ability duration
Shaman Strike of the Fireclaw ability proc
Shaman Chronoburn ability and HP and mana resource regeneration
Shaman Vision combat resource
Shaman Chronoburn ability Mastery
Shaman Cinder Smog ability
Shaman pets abilities and progression
Healer resurrection abilities and experience restoration
Shaman ability damage types and chemical resistance
Rogue poison and chemical damage
Debuff ability stacking
Shaman Hurry the Past ability
Stacking combat procs
Codex and Mastery User Interface
Race and class impact on Perception

2020-Mar 27: Programming <<Dev Roundtable>>

Has programming at least begun on all systems?
Tools that have been challenging to implement
Constraints when programming systems
The most difficult system to implement
Lessons learned from other MMORPGs about security and hacking
Programming at the request of designers [NPC AI]
The feature that has taken the most time to implement
IOC containers and test-driven development (TDD)
Using existing .net frameworks vs. creating custom protocols
Timing of multiple packets arriving at different clients
SQL and database backends
Example of how long it took to develop a tool
Implementation of the crafting system
Vendor item cost affected by faction
Has any particular class been more difficult to implement than the others?
Using sound, scent, and line of sight as aggro triggers
Source control
Pets system implementation
Collaboration and code review as a remote team

2020-Mar 13: Pantheon Rise of the Fallen - PlusYou EP26 - Chris “Joppa” Perkins Interview <<Dev Interview>>

Chris Perkins's gaming background
How the Legend of Zelda series inspired Chris Perkins
How Chris Perkins began composing audio
Chris Perkins’s thoughts on other popular MMORPGs
Mobile companion app
When the Pantheon tenets were created
The importance of not instancing all content
Mains vs. alts
How the Rogue and Wizard have evolved over time
Upcoming changes to the Ranger and Summoner
The importance of pets to the Summoner
Status of implementing the Bard before launch
Bard and Necromancer as crowd control classes
How the Bard, Enchanter and Necromancer do crowd control differently
Building Faerthale, The Murk, Isle of Infinite Storm as the focus of Project Faerthale
Benefits of Limited Ability Sets
Would less detailed character models save development time?
Dark Myr & underwater content
In-game weddings
Guild mechanics
Chris Perkins’s message to the community

2020-Mar 6: Skar, Dark Myr and Archai Models are Here <<Video News>>

Faerthale art asset graybox development
Combat testing simulations
Dark Myr starting area Syronai’s Rest underwater
Strength attribute and carrying weight
Dark Myr, Archai, and Skar character models
Archai elemental attunement color
Racial faction and good vs. evil
Dark Myr and Archai character creation
Racial armor appearance
Opening cinematic

2020-Feb 28: World Building <<Dev Roundtable>>

Process of designing a new zone
The most satisfying part of building a zone
"Holistic systems" to create a biome
Unity store placeholder art assets vs. in-house assets
Development update on South Saol, Tower of the Reckless Magician, Wild’s End, and Steppes of Ru'Lun
How long it takes to build a zone [world building]
Armor, environment, and concept artist style
Adjusting gameplay mechanics when replacing grayboxing with finished art assets
The most fun zone to create so far
Has all of Faerthale been grayboxed?
Process of designing a new zone (cont'd)
How the developers determine if a zone is large enough
Zones designed to the scale and size of their racial inhabitants
Lore and creative freedom
World size
Preventing players from falling through the world
Underwater zones
Inspiration for building Faerthale
Possibility of more "Making Of" reveals and revisiting Thronefast
Art asset development pipeline
Seasons in Terminus
Scale and verticality in Faerthale
Snow zones
Releasing screenshots, concept art, and fan kit
Fishing spots
World maps and atlases
Art assets hiding parts of the world
When a zone is "finished"
Sky dome art asset

2020-Feb 19: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen The Making of Faerthale +Climbing, Codex, Acclimation, Raids and More <<Gameplay Stream>>

Faerthale concept art, environment art, and graybox asset development
The importance of graphics and performance
Perception storylines [lore]
Perception flags and content not gated by Perception
Faerthale concept art, environment art, and graybox asset development (cont’d)
Hero piece development and art asset reuse
Climate glyphs
Isle of Infinite Storm
Mastery system and Codex
User Interface, hotbars, and Limited Ability Sets
Isle of Infinite Storm is a raid zone
Isle of Infinite Storm concept art, environment art, and graybox asset development
Sleepless raid boss fight windshear Climate demo
The Murk graybox

2020-Feb 5: February 2020 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Producer’s Letter [The Murk terrain grayboxing, patch notes]

2020-Jan 31: General Q&A w/ Chris “Joppa” Perkins (Part 2) <<Dev Roundtable>>

Experience penalty for long play sessions
Passing of Brad McQuaid and departure of Lead Programmer Daniel Krenn
Progression of buff ability lines
Balancing melee DPS vs. caster DPS
Combat resources
Regional banking
Raid size caps
Balancing class roles
Zone population density
Raid and boss NPC spawn timers
Skar and Dark Myr character models
Racial starting areas
FTE vs. MDD kill credit
Is the "Pantheon Difference" still relevant?
Guild pledge
Deity system
Dispositions for bosses (Manifestations)
Third continent (Whitethaw) still planned for launch
Fan kit
Target audience
Raid bosses seeing through Feign Death
FTE kill credit rules
Twinking and gear level restrictions [items]
Gnome class group composition and location of Skyhold
Sacrificing items at altars in exchange for buffs
Theme music [audio]
Group wipe and corpse recovery
Visionary Realms communication
State of the game and Project Faerthale
Development focus after Project Faerthale and the road to Alpha 1 [timeline]
Streamer program
How the community can help development
Racial armor appearances
Alternate advancement and horizontal progression
Breeding animals
Dual wielding shields
Casters changing the weather

2020-Jan 30: Development Update <<Video News>>

The Murk graybox
NPC AI wandering
Codex User Interface art asset development
Codex customization
Mastery upgrade User Interface
Codex vs. Keeper’s Tome [Perception]
Mastery point acquisition and progression every level
Mastery after max level [endgame]
Class specialization and Mastery
Mastery point acquisition
Epic ability Mastery
Patch Notes
Merch store
Zones within zones
Coin weight [currency]
Auto attack DPS [combat]
Dark Myr character models timeline
Guild banks
Zone lines

2020-Jan 16: Development Update <<Video News>>

Codex User Interface
Zone level ranges
The complexity of combat development
The Murk location
Content gated by Climbing skill
Pets & Climbing
Climbing in combat
Deities and faction
The Murk level range
The Murk zone size and population vs. Faerthale size
Mastery (cont’d)
Warrior vs. Dire Lord tank role identity


2019-Dec 24: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Dev Play Session <<Gameplay Stream>>

Class info releases
Shaman Part the Veil ability
Amberfaet environment art
Limited ability set and changing abilities in combat
Limited ability set utility ability hotbar
Aweht’lo miniboss fight
Terrain types, Climates, and travel
Monk vs. Rogue DPS
Ability system overhaul
Climbing down
Death penalty
Bloodthirsty Disposition
Summoner, Druid, Necromancer, and pets
Maximum level
Amberfaet vista
Enchanter mesmerize, fascinate epic ability, and dual targeting
Mana resource regeneration
Amberfaet zone population and camping
Content monopolization and crafted gear [items]
Looting and player reputation
Epic abilities
Dwarf character creation
Fjodrin the Sundersmith boss fight
Druid Hirode pets
Fjodrin the Sundersmith boss fight (cont’d)
Communication and reveals from Chris Perkins vs. Ben Dean
Slippery terrain surfaces in Amberfaet
Project Faerthale development
Class reveals, animations, and progression
Amberfaet vista (cont’d)

2019-Dec 22: December 2019 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Producer’s Letter [Pre-Alpha, investor syndicate, Brad McQuaid, development]

2019-Dec 13: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - Amberfaet, Climbing & Warrior Combat Resources <<Gameplay Stream>>

Warrior overview
Warrior battle point resource
Warrior resilience resource
Perception (cont’d)
Outleveling NPC aggro
Warrior shield block
NPC AI fleeing
Perception (cont’d)
Warrior shield block (cont’d)
Comments on passing of Brad McQuaid
Bloodthirsty Disposition
Sheathing weapons out of combat [animation]
Rogue stealth
Climbing in combat
Aweht’lo miniboss fight
Targeting User Interface
Warrior Challenger’s Banner ability
Positional combat skills and abilities
Equipping high level Warrior armor [art assets, appearance, character model]
Ranged ability attacks
Amberfaet location in the world and environment art
Safe spaces
Hotbars and Limited Ability Sets
Hotkey customization
Content gated by Climbing

2019-Dec 5: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Development Forges Ahead; Scholarship Created in Honor of Brad McQuaid <<Press Release>>

2019-Nov 26: Combat Resources & New Logo Details <<Video News>>

Comments on passing of Brad McQuaid
New logo
Unique class combat resources
Cleric Celestial Power and Celestial Bond combat resources User Interface
Dire Lord Essence combat resource User Interface
Paladin Wrath and Reckoning Points combat resources User Interface
Rogue Opportunity combat resource User Interface
Shaman Vision combat resource User Interface
Wizard School of Focus User Interface
Class unique combat resource demos
Warrior Battle Point combat resource and User Interface
Warrior Resilience combat resource and User Interface
Class combat resource User Interface in group window
NPC abilities that affect class combat resources
Druid, Enchanter, and Summoner use mana instead of combat resources
Druid as a pets class
Monk and Ranger combat resource implementation
Multiple classes can have the same ability (All healers can resurrect)
NPC devastating ability combat telegraphs
Summoner arcamental pets resources, attributes, and gear [items]
Streamer program

2019-Nov 8: What is Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen / Faerthale Teaser Stream with CohhCarnage <<Dev Interview>>

Pantheon overview
Project Faerthale overview
Faerthale Teaser
New logo & reveal schedule
Project Faerthale art assets, visuals, and graphics pipeline
Project Faerthale as a vertical slice
Graphics, visuals, and exploration
Community, bringing people together, and encouraging friendships
Isle of Infinite Storm raid zone teaser
Isle of Infinite Storm Sleepless raid encounter
Project Faerthale scope of content, including "endgame"
Isle of Infinite Storm Climate
Pay-to-win (P2W)
Community through challenge
Perception (cont'd)
Perception User Interface concept art
Visionary Realms team, crowdfunded development, and why exact timeline dates are hard to give
Perception as a group
Language localization and translation
Pros and cons to Perception
Controller compatibility
Soloing and community

2019-Nov 7: Faerthale Teaser Trailer <<Teasers & Trailers>>

2019-Oct 30: October 2019 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Producer’s Letter [Project Faerthale, communication]
Racial Passive Innates
From Concept to Design: The Spriggan [NPC model, lore]
More Burning Questions
Community Spotlight

2019-Oct 25: General Q&A w/ Chris “Joppa” Perkins (Part 1) <<Dev Roundtable>>

Dumpster diving
Maintaining challenge as the game ages
Content monopolization
Race Class Combinations Matrix
Meaningful choices and diversity within each class
Meaningful fast travel
Content gated with the Climate system
Progeny system
Character naming
Coin Weight [currency]
Publicly-available API [user interface customization]
Sacrificing items at altars in exchange for buffs
Example of a zone-wide event

2019-Oct 24: Video Newsletter <<Video News>>

Racial passive abilities overview
Human race lore
Human racial passives
Elf race lore
Ashen Elf vs. Ember Elf
Elf racial passives
Halfling race lore
Halfling racial passives
Dwarf race lore
Dwarf racial passives
Spriggan NPC lore and art asset design and development
Arrival of races on Terminus lore
Archai race lore
Archai racial passives
Gnome race lore
Gnome racial passives
Skar race lore
Skar racial passives
Ogre race lore
Ogre racial passives
Dark Myr race inspiration and lore
Dark Myr racial passives
Cleric Celestial Tomes
Dire Lord HP resource vs. other tank classes
Unique models of Hirode for each race of Druid
Enchanter illusion abilities
Paladin defense skills while using abilities
Rogue lock picking
Multiple warrior banner abilities stacking

2019-Sep 27: QA & Testing <<Dev Roundtable>>

Will known issues be posted on the testing forums?
Testing priority list
How testing will change from Pre-Alpha to Alpha 1 to Beta
How Quality Assurance remains unbiased
Disagreements between Quality Assurance team and Pre-Alpha testers
Examples of issues that Quality Assurance caught and fixed before a Pre-Alpha test
Quality Assurance for animations
Kim Morrison's industry background
Architecture to-scale for each race
Quality assurance for building graybox and art assets
How Quality Assurance tests for terrain issues in a new zone
Testing Climbing
Managing multiple bug reports on the same issue
Testers showing bugs to Quality Assurance
Game tenets influencing Quality Assurance
How helpful is vague tester feedback?
Game-breaking bugs affecting the development timeline
Information collected automatically by the server during Pre-Alpha tests
Difficult-to-reproduce bugs
More and longer test sessions during Pre-Alpha 5
Most memorable bugs
Testing crafting and gathering
Internal screenshots of bugs released to VIP backers
Testing factions

2019-Sep 18: September 2019 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Burning Questions: Class Design [cleric Celestial Aegis ability, druid and wizard teleport abilities, fast travel, Warrior shields, Ranger DPS, Rogue stealth, Summoner pets, Enchanter charm, Dire Lord armor, Paladin vs. undead, Monk Feign Death, Shaman pets]

2019-Aug 30: Crafting & Harvesting <<Dev Roundtable>>

Tiers of quality for ingredients and crafted items
Crafting design philosophy
Value of crafted items vs. looted items
Gathering node and ingredient scarcity
Environments and geography affecting ingredient scarcity
The crafting process
Customizing crafted items
Progression of tools used in crafting
Economy, regional auction houses, and how players will buy and sell items
How to level up in crafting
Group gathering
Group gathering (cont'd)
Scarcity of gathering ingredients affected by seasons, day/night cycle, and multicolor mana
Climate system affecting crafting and gathering
Crafting professions and specializations
Chance of failure and risk in crafting
Low tier ingredients in high tier recipes
Large batch automated production of trivial crafted items
Crafting stations out in the wild
Portable crafting stations
Recipes requiring ingredients purchased from vendors
Loss rates when selling items back to a vendor
Alpha 1 tester expectations for crafting and gathering
Gathering collections
Work orders, writs, recipes, and experimentation
Distinctive racial cuisines
How the game tenets have influenced the design of crafting and gathering
Free item upgrades when crafting
Ingredient weights
Item stack size
Crafters repairing gear [items, durability]
Level restrictions for gear and consumables [items]
Older content remaining relevant through expansions
NPC trade routes and visiting vendors

2019-Aug 21: August 2019 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>


2019-Jul 26: Programming <<Dev Roundtable>>

Jason Weimann's preferred aspects of programming
Preventing spaghetti code [programming]
The most interesting feature Jason Weimann has programmed [programming]
How difficult it will be to integrate all of the systems
Learning how to use the Unity engine
How Jason Weimann spends his time
Static analysis tools
C# programming language
Continuous integration continuous deployment (CICD)
Linq to SQL
Programming design patterns
Peer reviews and code smells
Community security standard practices
Scrum, agile, and sprints
Unit tests
Test-driven development (TDD)
In-house tools created for the Unity engine
Rolling back to previous versions for classic and TLP servers
Convergent vs. scripted NPC AI behavior
How NPCs will path when players are Climbing
How programming is going currently
Boss encounter mechanics
Keeping track of all the mechanics and systems when programming
Development of Project Faerthale

2019-Jul 24: July 2019 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Under Wraps [team growth, character animation, Project Faerthale]
Creating Faerthale [environment, art asset, development, graybox]
Cleric and Shaman Spell FX [ability animations]
Signature Character: Bel-Iris [lore]
Community Spotlight

2019-Jun 28: Newsletters and Content <<Dev Roundtable>>

Plans for the newsletter after launch
Including short videos in the newsletter
Zone overviews in the newsletter
Topics for future newsletters
How the community spotlight member is chosen for each newsletter
New material to be added to the newsletter
NPC lore
How hard is it to keep secrets from the community?
The process of creating a newsletter
What David Schlow does at Visionary Realms
Status of new website and forums
Status of developer roundtables
Easter eggs in newsletters
Listening to feedback on the forums
Teasers for upcoming newsletters
Concept art done in-house
Releasing 4K screenshots
Documenting known issues and instructions for testers
David Schlow explaining his TwitchCon 2017 on-stream death

2019-Jun 19: June 2019 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Under Wraps [funding, pledge upgrades, Design a Quest pledge perk]
Faerthale 101 [lore, zone]
Signature Character: Thaeolyn Greyborne [lore]
Dev Spotlight: Tyler Stokes [quality assurance]
Community Spotlight

2019-May 15: May 2019 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Under Wraps [timelines and date announcements, Project Faerthale]
FX Update [ability animations]
Animation Update [character class animations]
Dev Spotlight: Lynn Ashworth [timelines, management]
Community Spotlight

2019-Apr 26: Creativity & Design w/ Chris “Joppa” Perkins <<Dev Roundtable>>

Customizing crafted items
Why most items don't have level restrictions
Item power based on skill level
Situational gear and item restrictions
The most significant creative decisions
Distinctive racial cuisines
Ideas that have been scrapped
Dynamic zone and world events
Plans that are set in stone vs. open to brainstorming
Music and pledge perks [audio]
Open world content monopolization
Alternate forms of instancing for open world bosses like the door to Gnashura
AFK activities
Turning off ability animation graphics for higher framerate
Rare ability acquisition from loot and quests
Can druids affect lightning strikes?
Reasoning for 24-man raid limit
Will day/night cycles affect NPC spawns?
Climate glyph appearances on character models
Balancing the power of Enchanter-charmed pets
Abilities that utilize dual targeting 

2019-Apr 25: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Pre-Alpha Halnir Cave and Animation WIPs w/ CohhCarnage <<Gameplay Stream>>

Pantheon overview
Warrior banner abilities
Warrior charge ability
Warrior banner abilities (cont’d)
User Interface elements and effect icons over NPC heads
Auto attack triggered by abilities
Ambient NPCs
Unique class combat resources
Combat pacing
Hotkey customization
Platform compatibility
Hidden moments in the environment
Outleveling NPC aggro
Encounter locks in an open world [monopolization]
Gnashura boss fight mechanics
Positional combat abilities
Spell reflect Fracture
Combat pacing (cont’d)
Warrior class animation demo
Climbing animation demo
Lightning storm Climate animation demo
Storm glass environmental art asset
Sleepless concept art

2019-Apr 17: North Tusk Orc Models for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen <<Miscellaneous>>

2019-Apr 17: April 2019 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Under Wraps [Project Faerthale, development]
From Concept to Model: North Tusk Orcs [lore]
Meet the Devs: Ross Worthley [environment, art assets, development]
Pledge Rewards
Community Spotlight

2019-Mar 29: Game Tenets w/ Brad “Aradune” McQuaid <<Dev Roundtable>>

Alignment and faction
Dispositions affecting NPCs out of combat
Group finder / LFG tool
How to prevent item value deflation [economy]
Raid zerging
Alignment tracker and moral decisions
How the world environment matters
Racial identities
Hybrid classes
Realism vs. high fantasy in NPC AI
Meaningful levels and slower progression
The inspiration for the game tenets
How long gear will be useful before upgrading [items]
Will the graphics periodically be updated to stay modern as technology advances or will they age? 

2019-Mar 20: March 2019 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Under Wraps [Project Faerthale, team growth]
Behind the Design: Dispositions
Reader Questions [Perception, NPC, day/night cycle, zone level range, character creation, Climate, Progeny, class role, deity, mana resource regen, race class combination, shaman, druid, pets, leveling, soloing, caravan, alternate advancement, mentoring, raid zerging, travel, quest, underwater, guilds, Alpha 1]
Community Spotlight

2019-Mar 15: Pantheon Rise of the Fallen VoT Show #152 Dev Q&A w/ Kilsin, Machail & Convo <<Dev Interview>>

Animations implementation
Corpse runs
Class ability iteration
Teleportation and travel time
How long it will take to reach max level [endgame]
Guild mechanics
Development, Beta, and internal timelines
Team size
Lore in quests
Project Faerthale
Environmental art and world building
Raid instancing and content monopolization
Race class combinations
Dark Myr and Skar character models
New website
Traveling on roads
Content monopolization (cont'd)
Streamer program

2019-Feb 22: Customer Service <<Dev Roundtable>>

Will monopolization of open world spawns be regulated?
Guide program
Play Nice Policy vs. Community Policing
Dealing with hackers, cheaters, botting, etc.
Prioritizing customer service tickets
In-game player reporting
Staff-to-player ratio
Dealing with scammers
Name changes and server transfers
How GMs will be identifiable in-game
Pledge perk descriptions
Roleplaying code of conduct
Degrees of GM enforcement on different ruleset servers
PvP server
Dealing with players who exploit bugs
Will GMs be paid employees or volunteers?
How to contact GMs after launch
Real money transactions (RMT)
Will players be able to see the status of reports they submit?
Localization of GMs

2019-Feb 20: February 2019 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>


2019-Jan 16: January 2019 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Q&A with Ross Armstrong [animations]


2018-Dec 12: December 2018 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Under Wraps [team growth, Project Faerthale]
Rogues Gallery: Spriggan [lore]
Pre-Alpha Player Experiences [testing]
Community Spotlight 

2018-Dec 2: Community Stream #3 Cleric POV <<Gameplay Stream>>

Pantheon overview
Shaman overview
Shaman overview (cont’d)
Limited Ability Sets and Codex
Cleric overview
Attributes affecting abilities
Cleric overview (cont’d)
Downranking abilities
Cleric celestial power combat resource
Wizard overview
Consider system and outleveling NPC aggro
Consider system and faction
Pre-Alpha balance
Gear progression throughout expansions and iconic items
Economy and mudflation [economist]
Class specializations, ability acquisition, and gear modifying attributes [items]
Open world zone phases and player population
Open world zone design, camping, resource regeneration, downtime, and consumables
Halnir Cave
NPC chase range [leashing]
Quality of Life improvements
Gnashura boss fight
Class balance
Group roles and composition
Spell Reflect Fracture
Relationship between developers and community feedback
Target audience

Alternate Perspectives:

2018-Nov 29: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Streamer Program Pre-Alpha 4 Druid Gameplay <<Gameplay Stream>>

Pantheon overview
Dire Lord overview
Consider system
Resource regeneration, downtime, and open world zone design and level ranges
Ability chains
Perception benefits
Druid Hirode pets implementation
Zone design and level ranges
Target audience and death penalty
Raid sizes, dragons, bosses, and rewards
Progression, alternate advancement, and epic abilities/skills/gear [items]
Class roles and specialization
Paladin Reckoning Points combat resource
Racial identity, starting areas, factions, and passive/active abilities
New player onboarding
Crafting and gathering implementation
The importance of lore and Perception

Alternate Perspectives:
Dire Lord

2018-Nov 15: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Streaming Program Discussion w/ Producer Ben Dean <<Dev Interview>>

Marketing and communication
Streamer program overview
Why revealing content this early in development is worth the risk
Being a streamer in Pre-Alpha vs. after launch
Plans for more reveals with CohhCarnage
Streamer program streams vs. CohhCarnage reveals
Making the game fun to watch and play
Streamer program schedule
Streamer program NDA
How members are chosen for the streamer program
Does the Streamer Program require testing access?
Advice for those in the streamer program
Bringing a community oriented MMORPG to community-oriented streamer platforms
Streamers' effect on community and player reputation
Streamer program early access key giveaways
Pre-Launch Streamer only championships
How members of the Streamer Program will be notified when they are chosen
Post-launch streamer program
Hiring concept artists
Streamer program signups
Streamers and testing at different times
Advanced notice for streamer program streams
Twitch integrations
Streamers in Alpha 1 vs. Pre-Alpha
Crafting vs. group combat in streamer program
Will those in the streamer program get to choose which class they play?
Showcasing groups that don't fit the quaternity
Streamer spotlight and streaming on the official Twitch channel vs. community channels 

2018-Nov 14: November 2018 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Intro [pledges]
Under Wraps [Pre-Alpha 4, team growth, ogre, halfling, elf character models]
Behind the Design: Perception [skills]
Tales from the Fire: The One Between the Winds [lore]
Community Spotlight

2018-Oct 10: October 2018 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Harvesting Update [gathering, skills, tools, salvaging, scavenging, economy, nodes, ingredients]
Rogues Gallery: Lycanthropy [lore]
Under Wraps [development, design]
Community Spotlight

2018-Oct 4: Visionary Realms is Expanding its Team <<Press Release>>

2018-Sep 12: September 2018 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Skar Roundtable [lore, concept art] 
Under Wraps [Faerthale, zone design, class implementation]
Community Spotlight

2018-Aug 17: GS2 - E32 -Pantheon Special Edition with Brad McQuaid and Chris Perkins - Gamespace Game Show <<Dev Interview>>

Wizard schools of magic
Wizard familiars
Time to reach max level for casual players [progression, endgame]
Endgame raid content at launch
The journey of leveling vs. the grind to max level [progression, endgame]
Group size
Character creation
Item design philosophy
Randomization of attributes on gear [items]
Diminishing returns on crowd control abilities
Exploration abilities
The Pantheon Difference and unique features
Non-combat horizontal progression systems like Diplomacy
Dire Lord as a desirable tank against magical encounters
Ranged weapons and consumable ammo
Barbarian race
Coin weight and currency conversion
Zones that are more dangerous at night without a light source [day/night]
Class ability specialization
NPC fall damage
GM events
In-game voice chat and modulators
Exploration and hidden content
Starting areas and meeting players of different races
Pets progression
Will charmed NPCs retain their abilities?
How important gear will be [items]
Summoner pets vs. gear progression [items]
Hiding player names
Chat channel customization
User Interface customization
Horror-themed zones
Moments of grandeur in environmental art
Perception quests and storylines to leave players awestruck
Account security
Race class combinations
Development and launch timeline
The focus of Pre-Alpha 4

2018-Aug 8: August 2018 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Intro [classes, Pre-Alpha]

2018-Aug 7: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen MMO All-Star Stream <<Gameplay Stream>>

Avendyr's Pass Hanggore overview
Warrior abilities
Difference between Shadow Walk and Hide abilities
Combat pacing
NPC aggro range vs. crowd control abilities
Enchanter abilities
Canceling abilities
Enchanter mesmerize ability and mana resource regeneration
Warrior tanks
Positional combat skills and abilities
NPC social aggro
Damage-over-time abilities vs. root ability
Consider system
Outleveling NPC aggro
Visible loot on NPCs
Class restricted ranged weapons
NPC social aggro (cont'd)
NPCs resisting abilities based on attributes and skills
Attribute caps and ability resists
Development, testing, and Alpha 1 timeline
User Interface customization
NPC spawn rate
Endgame gear progression [items]
NPC spawn rate (cont'd)
Class group roles and utility abilities
Factions, gated content, and the Perception System
Fion Iridia miniboss fight
How players will deal with boss fight strategy
Fion Iridia miniboss fight (cont’d) 

Alternate Perspectives:

2018-Aug 5: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Pre-Alpha 3 Dire Lord Gameplay Ft. CohhCarnage <<Gameplay Stream>>

Dire Lord class overview
Dire Lord abilities
New Armor models and Inventory User Interface [appearance]
Pre-Alpha 3 build
Launch timeline
Pantheon overview
Black Rose Keep overview
Dire Lord’s Provoking Phantoms ability and Essence resource
Dire Lord’s Provoking Phantoms ability (cont'd)
Black Rose Keep level range
Dire Lord Splatter ability
Black Rose Keep itemization
State of the game and development
Dire Lord threat generation and its role as a tank vs. other tank classes
Black Rose Keep ramparts area
Healing the Dire Lord
Avendyr’s Pass overview
Grayboxed structures
Avendyr's Pass environment art
Positional combat and abilities
Option for autoattack to turn on with ability use
Group class interdependence and synergy
Combat pacing
Combat pacing, sense of danger, and downtime
State of the game, testing, and feedback
Smoothness and performance
Hanggore Tribe Hall
Hanggore Tribe Hall interior
Draw distance and Avendyr's Pass vista

2018-Jul 11: July 2018 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Q&A with Jason Weimann [programming]
Rogues Gallery: Giants [lore]
Under Wraps [healers, world building, character models]
Community Spotlight 

2018-Jul 7: Pantheon AMA Responses <<Dev Interview>> [beta, druid healing, racial identity, animation, crowd control, grouping, factions, dungeons, camping, NPC spawns, leveling progression, communication, development, content, Perception, target audience, streamers, expansions, griefing, zone development, raid size, Pre-Alpha, Unity engine, server population, epic quests, character creation, publisher, Ranger, Kickstarter, design, Progeny, funding, team growth, PvP, racial starting areas, auction, revenue model, instances, monopolization, guild, levitate ability, loot, exploration, hidden and gated content, world, lore, Thronefast, structures, twinking]

2018-Jun 11: June 2018 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Q&A with Jimmy Lane [world building]
Under Wraps [class design, Faerthale, Pre-Alpha 3, Ratkin]
Community Spotlight

2018-Jun 8: Pantheon Rise of the Fallen VoT Show #123 Dev Q&A w/ Joppa & Istuulamae <<Dev Interview>>

How Chris Perkins became the Creative Director
JN Gerhart's gaming inspiration
How JN Gerhart came to join Visionary Realms
What people were asking about at PAX East 2018
Lore development process
Community response since PAX East 2018
The importance of lore
Wide level ranges in zones
Where JN Gerhart gets his inspiration for lore
Content that's only accessible during certain times of day [day/night]
NPC devastating ability combat telegraphs
What is Aevozul? [lore]
Chris Perkins's audio inspiration
What a collision and arrival of a new race looks like
Reasons for race class combinations
Were Khasas and Rhazik always rivals? [lore]
Did Rhazik cause any trouble during his imprisonment? [lore]
If the current year of the game is 987 IH, does that mean Rhazik’s return is soon? [lore]
Rhazik and the Zealots of Rha [lore]
Swimming and underwater content
Deity descension after the strengthening of the Celestial Barrier [lore]
Class reveals and Faerthale as the reference zone
The corruption of Ittero [lore]
Haethus-Kevgrejl the Dead Heiress [lore]
Why did Ossari dislike Humans so much, and is Red Raven a Human god? [lore]
Howling in the eyewitness account of Marthos Bosamir [lore]
Next gameplay reveal
Upcoming conventions
Ancient lore characters appearing as NPCs in-game
Underwater content before Alpha 1
Class design
Streamer program
Ability chains
Hell levels
Lore in-game vs. external sources
The importance of lore (cont'd)
Terrain changes to open up new zones

2018-May 18: GS2 E20 - Pantheon Developer Chat with Brad McQuaid and Chris Perkins <<Dev Interview>>

Why Visionary Realms decided to make Pantheon
PvP vs. PvE
How to make content challenging
Combat logs and flavor text [immersion]
Climate system
Data mining
Why use the Unity engine?
Class reveals
Racial active abilities and some races being better at certain classes
Wearing the best type of armor available to your class
Players carve out their own personal identity and are not part of a main linear story
Class ability specialization and flexing into secondary roles

2018-May 16: May 2018 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Rogues, Rangers and Monks
Rogues Gallery: North Tusk Orcs [lore]
PAX East
Community Spotlight 

2018-May 12: CND Launch Party 2018 Ft. Mike from Pixel by Pixel and Kilsin from Visionary Realms. <<Dev Interview>>

How Ben Walters came to join Visionary Realms
Ben Walters's gaming inspiration
Developers as gamers
Ability loadouts
Quests vs. grinding as the primary means of leveling
Death penalty
Group size
Raids requiring multiple groups to work together
Raid zerging
User Interface customization
Assist command and macros
Guild management User Interface
Trophy buffs
PvP safe areas
Dealing with griefing
Wizard teleport abilities
Zones and world size
Travel (cont'd)

2018-Apr 28: TheHiveLeader Heals the Devs in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Pre-Alpha <<Gameplay Stream>>

Aggro sound effect
Mana resource regeneration
Consider system
Class roles
Druid healing
Test abilities
Black Rose Keep level range
Drive-by buffing
Ability cooldowns
Leveling progression curve
NPC miss chance vs a sitting player [combat]
NPC chase range [leashing]
Pantheon’s design inspired by various games
Fion Iridia miniboss fight
Cleric abilities overview
Fion Iridia miniboss fight (cont’d)
Group heal
Ability targeting in group User Interface
Racial identity and starting areas
NPC body types and Climates
Level progression from grinding vs. questing 

2018-Apr 27: Koopatroopa787 Plays Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Pre-Alpha <<Gameplay Stream>>

Black Rose Keep zone level range
Day/night cycle lighting implementation
Line of sight pulling
Black Rose Keep bosses
Open world zone level range design
Fion Iridia miniboss fight
Corpse consent
The importance of death penalty and corpse runs
Combat meditation and mana resource regeneration
The importance of downtime, camping, NPC boss spawns, and zone design
Fion Iridia miniboss fight (cont’d)
Buff User Interface implementation
Fion Iridia miniboss fight (cont’d)
The Will to Live warrior ability

2018-Apr 20: Lassiz Plays Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Pre-Alpha <<Gameplay Stream>>

Rogue Abilities overview
Black Rose Keep overview
Camera options
Strategic combat pacing
Open World Dynamics
Positional Ability Requirements
Pre-Alpha Pledges
Fion Iridia miniboss fight and strategy
Corpse drag
Group size
In-game Maps
Sense Heading skill and the compass
Kill credit
Casting Abilities while moving
Black Wolf Dyl miniboss fight 

2018-Apr 17: Let’s talk Pantheon - “VR Convo and Roenick share PAX East” <<Dev Interview>>

What Tim Wathen does at Visionary Realms
How Tim Wathen came to join Visionary Realms
What David Schlow does at Visionary Realms
Preparing for PAX East 2018
The first day of PAX and community meet & greet
TwitchCon 2017 vs. PAX East 2018
Community response from PAX and other highlights
Journalist response from PAX and other highlights
What people were asking about at PAX East 2018
Most interesting tenets and systems
Demo response
Noticing mistakes when the game is being played
Surprises from PAX East
All MMORPGs succeed and fail together
Future conventions
Closing thoughts on PAX East 

2018-Apr 15: Community Impact: How Players Shape Games Panel | PAX East 2018 Day 3 <<Dev Interview>>

Pantheon overview and Pre-Alpha development
How Visionary Realms is engaging the community
Matchmaking system and bringing like-minded players together
Dealing with an angry community
Dealing with a divided community that wants opposing things
Veteran community members help with onboarding new players 

2018-Apr 10: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Class Q&A w/ Creative Director Chris Perkins <<Dev Interview>>

What Chris Perkins does at Visionary Realms
Which classes fit into each role of the quaternity
Bard as a crowd control class and chances of being available at launch
Iconic abilities
Preventing Feign Death from being used for griefing
Epic abilities
Ensuring that each class within a role is equally desirable
Healers and resurrection
Shamans and cannibalize (trading HP for mana resource)
Shaman lore
Warriors duel-wielding shields
Dire Lord and two-handed weapons
Summoner vs. Magician
How the Summoner is different from the Wizard
Casters and binding

2018-Apr 11: April 2018 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Rogues Gallery: Ratkin [lore]
Checkin’ in with Daniel Krenn [programming, Unity engine]
Black Rose Keep [lore, zone design, dungeon]
Community Spotlight 

2018-Apr 2: Visionary Realms Offers Hands-On with Pantheon at PAX East; Brad McQuaid to Speak <<Press Release>> [demo, community] 

2018-Mar 22: Jim Lee Plays Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Pre-Alpha <<Gameplay Stream>>

Character select screen
Character creation
Thronefast and racial starting areas
Open world design
Target audience
Perception system
Halnir cave overview
Perception demo
Gnashura boss fight
Deleveling from death experience loss 

2018-Mar 18: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Pre-Alpha 2 Gameplay w/ CohhCarnage <<Gameplay Stream>>

Ambient NPCs
Endurance Resource
Perception System demo
Endurance bonuses on gear [items, attribute, resource]
Hotbars and Limited Ability Sets
Item links in chat
Ranged Classes
Climates vs. Fractures
Combat pacing
Death Penalty
Content gated by Perception
Tyrrasura the Banehound miniboss fight
Wraith NPC active abilities
No-Rent Items
NPC Innate Abilities
Shaman group role
Pantheon overview and the importance of Community-oriented design
Group Size
Invisibility abilities
Limited playtime and 2-hour session design
Ability acquisition
Console Compatibility
Alternate Advancement
Class Progression
Revenue Model
Ability and Skill Ranks
Corpse Consent
Harathena miniboss fight 

2018-Mar 14: March 2018 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Armor 101 [items, gear, appearance]
Halnir Cave [lore, zone design, dungeon, camping, NPCs]
Community Spotlight 

2018-Mar 5: Pantheon Rise of the Fallen VoT Show #105 Dev Q&A w/ Kilsin & Zippyzee <<Dev Interview>>

What Ben Walters does at Visionary Realms
What Tod Curtis does at Visionary Realms
Scripted NPC AI
Developers playing the game after launch
Behaviors and Dispositions added over time
An average work day for Ben Walters
An average work day for Tod Curtis
NPC AI based on the classes in a group
NPC AI based on day/night cycle and weather
Balancing static vs. dynamic content
Server-side hardware for NPC AI
GM events
Will there be different NPC AI for different events?
How NPC AI in Pantheon differs from other MMORPGs
Hostile vs. non-hostile NPC AI
Player actions affecting weather
Ben Walters's gaming inspiration
Tod Curtis's gaming inspiration
How to learn more about NPC AI
The future of NPC AI
NPC AI interacting with players and the world
Bound items
Ability chains
Randomization in modern MMORPGs
The limits of dynamic NPC AI
Caster Gate ability
NPC AI and Dispositions affecting chase range [leashing]
NPC AI responding to player behavior
Fan ideas for NPC AI and behavior
Dispositions for boss NPCs [manifestations]
Difficulties of implementing NPC AI
Can healers solo? 

2018-Feb 16: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Crafting w/ Game Designer Corey LeFever <<Dev Interview>>

What Corey LeFever does at Visionary Realms
How crafting in Pantheon is unique from other MMORPGs
Professions and specializations
Sculptor profession
Alchemist toxins
Rogue ability traps vs crafted traps
Crafting limited by race or class
Preventing crafted consumables from making classes less desirable
Reason for one profession and specialization per character
Players who want to try every profession
Switching professions
Focusing exclusively on crafting and not adventuring
Crafting skill cap
Max level crafting vs. max character level
Crafting titles
Preventing crafting from getting repetitive
Gathering skill limit, nodes, and salvaging
Quests with optional crafting
Quests with required crafting
Crafted mounts armor
Storage containers for ingredients
Group gathering and crafting
Gathering nodes
Crafting and gathering tournaments 

2018-Feb 14: February 2018 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

State of the Game[Pre-Alpha, development, implementation, art assets, character models]
Elves Roundtable [elf, lore, concept art]
Community Spotlight 

2018-Jan 17: January 2018 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

2017 Year in Review
Harvesting [gathering, skills]
Community Spotlight


2017-Dec 13: December 2017 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Developers Roundup [NPC AI, racial concept art]
Grass of Terminus [art assets]
Community Spotlight 

2017-Dec 11: Our TwitchCon 2017 Chat with Brad McQuaid & Corey LeFever <<Dev Interview>> [Pantheon overview, target audience, limited playtime, racial identity, PvP, ruleset servers, Climates, Fractures, ability acquisition and progression, raids, group size, soloing, class roles, housing, mounts and fast travel, economy, crafting, bound items, profession and specializations, Progeny]

2017-Nov 21: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen “Making of a City” Stream <<Gameplay Stream>>

What Jared Pullen does at Visionary Realms
Grass system
Thronefast Bridge and Gate art assets close-up
The process of taking concept art to final art asset in-game
Using lore as inspiration for the art assets and layout of Thronefast
The importance of grayboxing
Camp Bedark lore
Designing city zone layouts for player convenience
Peacemade Plaza’s marketplace graybox and concept art
The Arches of Havensong graybox
The Forum of Ocirico graybox and concept art
The Corceran Priesthood temple graybox
Vista of Thronefast

2017-Nov 15: November 2017 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Favorite Moments of TwitchCon
Developers Roundup
Community Spotlight

2017-Oct 22: Pantheon’s TwitchCon 2017 Stage Segment (with pre-alpha launch announcement) <<Gameplay Stream>>

Pantheon overview
Nonlinear, community-driven world instead of a linear story-driven game
Climate demo
Character creation
Situational gear [items]
Raids, bosses, and zerging in an open world
Dispositions and NPC AI: how boss and raid mechanics differ from other MMORPGs
The most difficult part of Pantheon's development
Pre-Alpha announcement 

2017-Oct 18: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Goes to TwitchCon <<Press Release>> [Pre-Alpha, community]  

2017-Oct 11: October 2017 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Art and Animation Update [assets]
How Halflings Happened [lore, concept art]
Community Spotlight 

2017-Sep 29: The Technical Art of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen <<Gameplay Stream>>

Old vs. new lighting comparison
Pre-Alpha access being removed from pledge tiers
Clip distance option
Performance improvements from art assets
Procedural cloud demo
Flag animation
Thronefast before & after comparison
Balancing performance of an asset in-game vs. efficiency of asset development as an art team
Technical artist updates do not detract from other aspects of development
Thronefast lake comparison
New underwater system
Thronefast lake comparison close-up
Volumetric fog and Gloom Fracture demo
Halnir Cave bridge comparison
Procedural clouds changing with season and Climate 

2017-Sep 13: September 2017 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

State of the Game [economy, concept art, Perception implementation, art assets, armor appearance]
Turning on the Lights - An Interview with Technical Artist Bruno Rime [lighting]
Community Spotlight 

2017-Aug 15: Industry Icon Brad McQuaid Journeys through the Evolution of Game Development at devcom 2017 <<Press Release>>

2017-Aug 9: August 2017 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Meet Lynn Ashworth
Meet Sierra Rush
Meet Benjamin Dean
Patch Notes Caption Contest
Comic-Con Promos
Community Spotlight 

2017-Jul 17: SDCC 2017 Teaser - Bring Friends <<Teasers & Trailers>>

2017-Jul 12: July 2017 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Focused Gaming [community, grouping, target audience]
Love of AI [NPC AI]
Community Spotlight 

2017-Jul 7: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen “Brings Friends” Trailer Debuts at San Diego Comic Con <<Press Release>>

2017-Jun 14: June 2017 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

ICYMI [team growth]
Dev Diary [development, lore implementation, world building, art assets, NPC design, crafting and gathering implementation, timelines] 
Community Spotlight 

2017-May 2: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Early Monk Gameplay Stream w/ CohhCarnage Pt. 2 <<Gameplay Stream>>

VIP Program
Safe Fall skill & South Saol vista from Tower of the Reckless Magician
Buff abilities & item scaling
Alarmist Disposition
Buff abilities scaling (cont'd)
Dynamic combat: NPC AI, ambient NPCs, and Dispositions
Death penalty
Rare loot from common NPCs
Vendors & dumpster diving
Buff abilities
Close-up of the Shaman wolf pets model
/loc location command
Resurrection abilities
Corpse dragging and corpse summon abilities
Tower of the Reckless Magician lore
NPC spawn camps
NPC casters
Loot tables
Line of sight
Detecting Dispositions
Difference between Wizard & Enchanter
Perception specializations
Countering NPC behavior
Master Hil-Kjera miniboss fight 
Marked targeting
Item comparisons
Group wipes & corpse recovery
Proximity aggro through walls
Positional combat
Third-person view camera
Falling velocity
Master Gon-Dakos boss fight
Deity choice
Resurrection abilities (cont'd)
Auction House
How to become a Keeper [Perception]
Player collision and griefing
Deleveling from death experience loss
Funding, investors, team growth, and pledges 

2017-Apr 27: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Early Monk Gameplay Stream w/ CohhCarnage Pt. 1 <<Gameplay Stream>>

Climate Infusions [glyphs]
Grouping up in South Saol Peninsula
Weapons and armor as light sources
South Saol Peninsula overview
Races and Classes
Group experience modifier
Wizard familiar
Alarmist Disposition
Death penalty
Corpse dragging and consent
The Seraph
Group size
Modding and User Interface customization
Ogre character model
Ranged weapons
Crowd control classes
Group compositions
Two-handed weapons
Diminishing returns of crowd control abilities
Monk fist weapons
Floating combat text User Interface
Dual-boxing and macros
Shaman wolf pets
Leveling progression by grinding vs. questing
Rare & triggered NPC spawns
Decision to become a Keeper [Perception]
Consider system
Perception skills
Casting on-the-move
Feign Death classes
Shadow Walk ability
Can the Feign Death ability fail?
NPC chase range [leashing]
Non-group buff targeting and scaling
Commander Oci Na-Royt miniboss fight
Monk weight limit
Bound items
NPC respawn timers
Tower of the Reckless Magician preview

2017-Apr 26: Visionary Realms Completes Series A Funding for Highly Anticipated Videogame, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen <<Press Release>> [Pre-Alpha] 

2017-Apr 13: The Perception System in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen <<Miscellaneous>>

2017-Apr 12: April 2017 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Crafting & Harvesting [gathering, ingredients, skills, professions, items]
Community Spotlight

2017-Mar 8: March 2017 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

The Lore Master
ICYMI [team growth]
Community Spotlight

2017-Feb 15: February 2017 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

ICYMI [ogre, archai, and gnome character models]
Classes of Pantheon [race class combinations]
State of the Game [team growth, Climate implementation, world building, development]
Community Spotlight

2017-Jan 25: Game On - Visionary Realms Talks Pantheon & Industry Jobs <<Miscellaneous>>

Curator’s Note: This link is provided as a placeholder and for historical purposes only. The original audio has since been removed. To see all currently available roundtables, please visit the Developer Interviews section. If you locate the original audio, please contact us so we can add it to our archives.

2017-Jan 11: January 2017 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Top 10 Moments of 2016
Community Spotlight
Amberfaet [zone design, lore]


2016-Dec 16: Pantheon Rise of the Fallen VoT Show #45/1 Dev Q&A w/ Kilsin & Medawky <<Dev Interview>>

What Ben Walters does at Visionary Realms
What Jason Bolton does at Visionary Realms
Has there ever been a feature introduced to Pantheon that you were surprised worked out well?
Fan fiction
MMORPG war stories: Ben Walters
MMORPG war stories: Jason Bolton
How to manage a large community
Describing Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen to someone new to the MMORPG genre
Encouraging social gameplay
The iterative nature of game design
Character models
Gathering gear with group bonuses [items]
Pledge pricing and changes to pledges
Challenge from things other than NPCs
Combat telegraphs
Amberfaet concept art, Climbing, and NPC Climbing
Different ways of entering a zone
Visual effects for special arrows [ranged animations]
Just for fun abilities

2016-Dec 9: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - CohhCarnage plays the Rogue <<Gameplay Stream>>

Halfling home city of Sorhiryth in Wild's End
Shaman overview
The Gate of Wild's End and wide level ranges in zones
Kill stealing, kill credit, and player reputation
Subscription revenue model and free trial
The importance of challenge and cooperation
Death penalty
Definition of Pre-Alpha
PvP plans
Endgame grouping and raiding
Horizontal progression and a dynamic world
Crafting, fishing, and secondary skills
Cooperation between adventurers and crafters
Most of the dropped items in the game can be crafted
Crafters customizing gear for themselves [items]
Player driven economy and item sinks
Crafting experience and levels
Traveling by teleports, mounts, caravans, and boats
Gnome lore
Character creation
Perception system intro: Insight and Investigate
Tome of Keeping for recording Perception pings
In-game voice chat
Epic quests for epic items and epic abilities
Perception and non-linear quests
Group and raid sizes
Quaternity class roles, crowd control, and encounter control
How the project is funded
Client platforms [compatibility]
Friendly fire, AoE's, and manual aiming
Voice acting
Gnashura fight
Ranged weapons
Player housing
Timeline for Pre-Alpha
Language localization
Race class combinations
Racial abilities
Racial factions and faction grind
Gear appearances [items]
Frigid Climate example
Avoiding content monopolization
Limited Ability Set - abilities, hotbars, and upgrades
Ability acquisition
Alternate advancement
Necromancer and Bard
Which classes use mana as a resource
User Interface mods and skin customization
The six extreme Climates
Weapon types and materials vs. body types in combat
Racial Climate bonuses
Art asset development process
Open world zones
World and zone events and dynamic content
GMs, guides, guild outreach, onboarding, and player matchmaking
Guild size, raid zerging, and guild management
Ability chaining and sympathetic abilities
Cloud server regions and localization
The Climbing skill
Player summoning abilities
Vistas and draw distance
Small Climates within large Climates
Item level restrictions and twinking
Pre-alpha, Alpha 1 and beta access
Malthyr's Colossi boss fight 

Alternate Perspectives: 

2016-Dec 7: December 2016 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Community Spotlight
A Shaman’s Story [lore]

2016-Nov 18: Unite 2016 Keynote - Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen (Visionary Realms) Demo [4/11] <<Gameplay Stream>>

Pantheon overview
Big studio vs. small studio MMORPG development
Client demo (Avendyr's Pass)
Benefits of developing with the Unity engine
Halnir Cave demo
Using real game features to demo for crowdfunding and publishers
Platform compatibility
Cloud servers 

2016-Nov 17: A Small Team with Big Dreams  <<Miscellaneous>> [development, Visionary Realms, team] 

2016-Nov 9: November 2016 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Community Spotlight
Developer Spotlight: Corey LeFever 

2016-Oct 14: October 2016 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Community Spotlight
VIP Q&A [raid, roles, starting area, class quests, guilds, weather, gated progression] 

2016-Sep 14: September 2016 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>


2016-Aug 17: I am Brad “Aradune” McQuaid, CCO for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. AMA! <<Dev Interview>> [endgame, raids, instances, pledges, target audience, design, immersion, The Pantheon Difference, economy, PvP, world encounter events, deities, race and class identity, client, level progression from grinding vs. quests, Perception, ruleset servers, dark myr concept art, female character models, ranger pets, exploration, NPC dialogue, Bard, Alpha 1/Beta timeline, combat pacing, guilds, multiboxing, social matchmaking, NPC AI, Dispositions, NPC spawns, faction, NPC chase range, leashing, looting, cosmetics, difficulty, crowdfunding, hidden content, GM events, balance, camera view, server population, Limited Ability Sets, Brad McQuaid, development, ability acquisition, class specialization, Vanguard, crafted gear, items, limited playtime, world size, race class combinations, diplomacy, free trial, Pre-Alpha, zerging, boss fights, gathering, epic quests, revenue model, underwater content, boats, communication, character creation, open world, gender locked classes, Progeny, achievements, class roles, death penalty, Warrior weapons, animations, User Interface customization, color blind options, voice chat] 

2016-Aug 11: Interview With Ben “Kilsin” Walters - Pantheon Rise of the Fallen Q&A <<Dev Interview>>

What Ben Walters does at Visionary Realms
The importance of community
Fan engagement from Visionary Realms
Class identity and interdependence
The importance of challenging gameplay
The importance of immersion
Encouraging players to enjoy the journey rather than racing to max level [progression, endgame]
The importance of environment in PvE
Pantheon as more than just a reskinned old-school MMORPG [The Pantheon Difference, Progeny, Codex, situational gear, items, multicolor mana, Perception]
How Pantheon will push the genre forward [target audience]
Fast travel
Epic class weapon quests
Gear appearance progression [items]
User Interface customization
Describing Pantheon in one word
Community response to development thus far
Multicolor mana and class interdependence
Community and crowdfunding 

2016-Aug 10: August 2016 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Editorial: Community Matters
Community Spotlight
Developer Sneak Peek [patch notes] 

2016-Jul 13: July 2016 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Dev Diaries: Music and Sound Design of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen [audio] 

2016-Jun 24: Early Gameplay Stream of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen [HD] <<Gameplay Stream>>

Avendyr’s Pass
Graphics settings
The importance of crowd control
Pass Authority outpost
Black Dagger Keep faction
Overhead HP and mana bar User Interface
User Interface customization
Boss NPC spawns
Halnir Cave
Death penalty
Perception demo
NPC spawns
Raid zerging
Perception demo (cont'd)
Placeholder art assets and why they're being used
Weapon types and Body Types
Content gated for low level players exploring high level zones
Fractures and Climates
Wide level ranges in zones
Tharren the Lost miniboss fight
Developers testing the game by playing it as they go
Planning for item attribute progression years in advance
Crafted gear vs. looted gear [items]

2016-Jun 14: June 2016 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Dev Diaries: All-New Twitch Stream, the Shaman, the Black Rose, and a VIP Roundtable

2016-Jun 7: Feature Spotlight - Perception System  <<Miscellaneous>> [quests, progression, exploration, NPC dialogue, immersion, storyline user interface] 

2016-May 26: Feature Spotlight - Extreme Climate & Atmosphere Systems  <<Miscellaneous>> [perception, multicolor mana, Fracture] 

2016-May 23: Visionary Realms Tackles Your Questions About the Mana Climate <<Dev Interview>> [multicolor mana] 

2016-May 18: Pantheon Rise of the Fallen VoT Show #11 Dev Q&A w/ Kilsin <<Dev Interview>>

How Ben Walters joined Visionary Realms
How the community can help make Pantheon a success
Average day working at Visionary Realms
How much work goes into developing a feature
Dealing with bugs on launch day
Unique class visuals
Pros and cons of the Unity engine
How the community's attitude affects the development process
Guide program
Language translation and localization
Fast travel
Lore on the website
Continents on world map
Screenshot releases
Cleric’s Shield Wall ability
In-game character models vs. concept art
How Vanguard influenced Pantheon
GM interactions
Community-made art assets
Feign Death
Boat travel
How crowdfunding helps development 

2016-May 18: The Ethereal Energy Fueling the Mana Climate  <<Miscellaneous>> [multicolor mana]  

2016-May 10: May 2016 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Dev Diaries: State of the Game, May 2016 [development, implementation, world building] 

2016-Apr 14: April 2016 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Pantheon: Rise of the Followers Contest
Introducing Pantheon’s Rogue

2016-Mar 21: March 2016 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Visionary Realms at Game Developers Conference
Visionary Realms to Play Pantheon LIVE on Twitch - Friday March 11th [demo]
Wolfshead Online: A Glimpse into the Pantheon Development Process at Visionary Realms

2016-Mar 18: Visionary Realms Debuts Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen at GDC 2016 <<Press Release>> [investors, Twitch, stream]

2016-Mar 17: Pantheon: RotF Gameplay & Brad McQuaid Interview <<Dev Interview>>

Bringing community back to the genre
Limited playtime and reducing grinding [target audience]

2016-Mar 12: Pre-pre-alpha Gameplay of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen <<Gameplay Stream>>

Avendyr’s Pass overview
User Interface overview
Stealth and flavor text
Living Codex prototype
Relics and multicolor mana
NPC body types and bloodlines
Eye-catching environments and world building
Day/night cycle demo and light source abilities
Avendyr’s Pass village
Vendor and Bank User Interface
Fractures (cont'd)
Ashen Elf character model prototype
Daniel Krenn introduction
Contravicarus Irra boss fight
Death penalty
Raid zones and fighting gods as bosses
Classes growing into their roles as they level up
Unity Engine and multi-core CPUs
A surprising turn of events
Bards and Necromancers
Racial starting areas
World size
Day/night cycle demo and light source abilities (cont'd)

2016-Feb 10: February 2016 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

The Cleric Reveal

20152015-Dec 10: Wild’s End Teaser <<Teasers & Trailers>>

2015-Dec 8: December 2015 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

The Halflings are Coming! Introducing Wild’s End

2015-Nov 24: Interview: Pantheon devs on funding, Unity, and the launch window <<Dev Interview>> [Visionary Realms, Kickstarter, Unity engine, art assets, development, target audience]

2015-Nov 10: November 2015 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

State of the Game, November 2015: Into the Danger Room! [development, communication, timelines]

2015-Oct 3: October 2015 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Updated Atlas of Terminus [world map] 

2015-Sep 28: Visionary Realms Acquires Seed Funding, Completes Prototype for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen <<Press Release>>

2015-Sep 23: September 2015 Newsletter <<Web-Archived Newsletter>>

Visionary Realms Speaks at Gaming Insiders and Cloud Gaming
Pantheon’s Team Expands [team growth] 

2015-Aug 27: FAQ - We want your help! <<Miscellaneous>>

2015-Aug 20: Catching Up on the Past Year  <<Dev Interview>> [what Chris Perkins does at Visionary Realms, progress video releases, what Corey LeFever does at Visionary Realms, target audience, exploration, immersion, Climates, Fractures, corpse runs, death penalty, crafting, design, camping, instances, publisher]

2015-Aug 3: Please welcome Corey, Adam and Jason to the team! <<Miscellaneous>> [team growth] 

2015-Jun 10: Introducing: The Dark Myr of Syronai’s Rest <<Miscellaneous>> [lore] 

2015-May 13: Pantheon Update: May 2015 <<Miscellaneous>> [Unity engine, art assets, Alpha 1] 

2015-Apr 12: Theoryforge Friday Ep.32 Music & Social Gaming w/ Chris Joppa Perkins [Pantheon Rise of the Fallen] <<Dev Interview>>

How Chris Perkins joined Visionary Realms and what he does at Visionary Realms
How audio affects gameplay
Audio based on race and class
Audio changing based on NPC location
Procedural audio
New music release [audio]
Environmental transitions between zones and Terminus collision lore
NPC chase range and zone lines [leashing]
The Keeper and learning lore in-game through immersion
Bringing NPC chase range back to the genre [leashing]
Interactions with NPCs
Limited play time
Encouraging community interdependence
The importance of factions
In-game Map
In-game tools and User Interface to take notes and draw maps
Unity engine 5 and Alpha 1 timeline
Alpha 1 testing vs. early access

2015-Mar 12: Developer Round Table - 2.28.15 Part 2 <<Miscellaneous>>

Curator’s Note: This link is provided as a placeholder and for historical purposes only. The original audio has since been removed. To see all currently available roundtables, please visit the Developer Roundtables section. If you locate the original audio, please contact us so we can add it to our archives.

2015-Mar 2: Developer Round Table - 2.28.15 <<Miscellaneous>>

Curator’s Note: This link is provided as a placeholder and for historical purposes only. The original audio has since been removed. To see all currently available roundtables, please visit the Developer Roundtables section. If you locate the original audio, please contact us so we can add it to our archives.

2015-Feb 27: New Interview with Joppa and Montreseur - On WASD Radio <<Miscellaneous>> [Chris Perkins, John Diasparra] 

Curator’s Note: This link is provided as a placeholder and for historical purposes only. The original audio has since been removed. To see all currently available interviews, please visit the Developer Interviews section. If you locate the original audio, please contact us so we can add it to our archives.

2015-Feb 23: The Dwarves of Khadassa <<Miscellaneous>> [dwarf, concept art, lore]

2015-Feb 21: Pantheon Update: 2.20.15 <<Miscellaneous>>

2015-Feb 15: Pantheon Team - Questions for the Community! <<Miscellaneous>>

2015-Jan 30: Pantheon Store has been removed <<Miscellaneous>> [merch] 

2015-Jan 24: Welcome to The Keeper’s Vault <<Miscellaneous>>

2015-Jan 22: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - Game Features and Summary <<Miscellaneous>> [Pantheon overview] 

2015-Jan 22: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Game Tenets <<Miscellaneous>>

2015-Jan 22: Developer Round Table - 1.18.15 <<Miscellaneous>>

Curator’s Note: This link is provided as a placeholder and for historical purposes only. The original audio has since been removed. To see all currently available roundtables, please visit the Developer Roundtables section. If you locate the original audio, please contact us so we can add it to our archives.