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Bingo Hall

How To Play:

The Library of Pantheon curators created Pantheon Bingo to make watching Pantheon videos even more fun! It's free and easy to play:

1. Click on the button below that corresponds to the type of Pantheon video you're watching. You'll then be randomly assigned a version of that bingo card.

2. When you see or hear something in the video that's listed on your card, click on that square to X it out. Start by clicking on FREE SPACE.

- Phrases in quotation marks need to be heard in the video.

- Clicking on an X will remove it. Clicking "Reset" will clear all X's on your card.

3. Connect any five X's horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to win!

Join the Library of Pantheon Discord server to play Pantheon Bingo with the rest of the community during live streams! Once you're done with a game, share your results in Discord or on social media with #PantheonBingo. Bookmark this page so you can check back each month for updated bingo cards!

Archai holding a bingo card


Pantheon Dev Stream Bingo

Dev Stream Bingo

On the second Thursday of every month, Visionary Realms hosts a live Twitch stream where they deliver Video News. While these streams cover different aspects of Pantheon's development each month, you'll notice some common themes and tropes which make for a very fun version of Pantheon Bingo:

Pantheon Gameplay "BingCohh"

Visionary Realms will periodically team up with Twitch streamer CohhCarnage for a live Gameplay Stream. These streams are always highly anticipated by the community and often include big, unexpected reveals. Follow along with this version of Pantheon Bingo themed for CohhCarnage gameplay:

Pantheon BingCohh