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The Aradune Anthology

"I want to make worlds, not games."
~Brad McQuaid

Brad "Aradune" McQuaid

In Memoriam

Brad "Aradune" McQuaid
1969 - 2019
Creator of Worlds, Uniter of Friends

Aradune concept art

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2019-Oct 4: Much to do About Pantheon -- CCO update [PvE vs PvP, abilities, NPC combat, Chris Perkins, design inspiration, Pantheon overview, Unity engine, limited playtime, death, Visionary Realms, content, implementation]

2019-Oct 2: Very fast, even for me, commentary on Instancing [kill credit, zerging, monopolization, economy]

2019-Oct 2: Pantheon, PvP, launch vs. post.launch

2018-Jun 18: Unity, MMOs, and Pantheon [Unity engine, network stack, placeholder art assets, Project Faerthale]

2017-Nov 2: Community, Content, and Alternative Rulesets [target audience, design, player population, zones, world size, travel, instancing, testing, seamless]

2017-Oct 30: Matchmaking systems, what we’re up to, and why. Part 1 [caravan, community, onboarding, design, development]

2017-Sep 16: Situational Gear / Inventory Management [gear loadouts, weight, Climates, Atmospheres, Dispositions, gated content, boss fights, User Interface

2017-Sep 16: Sandbox vs. Themepark [horizontal progression, player created content, quests]

2017-Jul 17: Want went wrong? WoW? ‘WoW-Killers’ or a general lack of guts? [target audience, design]

2017-Jul 11: We want details and specifics! Please explain in detail… [abilities, Limited Ability Sets, User Interface, combat, situational gear, resource management]

2017-May 3: How to get through to people who just don’t get it [community, target audience, Visionary Realms]

2016-Aug 16: Sunsetting an MMO [expansions, player created content, servers]

2016-Apr 26: Pantheon: New Features and New Players [target audience, design]

2016-Feb 29: How to respond to skeptics… [target audience, communication, free trial, system requirements]

2016-Feb 22: Old Ideas and features to address potential problems… [2015 design doc, community policing, economy, bound items, griefing, testing, expansions]

2016-Feb 22: Grinding -- Good or Bad? [horizontal progression, faction, design]

2015-Jul 25: My response to Smed’s stepping down….

2015-Jul 25: Does a core group of gamers really change or go away? [target audience, revenue model]

2014-Aug 24: From a comment on Facebook… [target audience, Visionary Realms]

2014-Jul 10: State of the Game 7/9/14 [Visionary Realms, development, Halnir, races, starting areas, fast travel, Unity engine, world building, placeholder art assets, team growth, implementation, combat, Limited Ability Sets, network, reveals, character models, Climates, user interface]

2014-May 21: WarWizards & Gameplay [epic quests]

2014-May 21: Quests -- more quality than quantity

2014-May 21: Achievement System [progression, leveling]

2014-May 21: Zone Layout / Zone Types [world size, starting areas, faction, fast travel]

2014-May 21: Travel System

2014-May 21: Multi-colored Mana

2014-Apr 30: Screenshots & Movie!!!

2014-Apr 30: What should we care about most? [artist style, placeholder art assets, graphics vs. gameplay]

2014-Apr 3: Sample High Level Design (Climates) [racial passives]

2014-Mar 25: Twinking… good or evil, or in-between? [bound items, ruleset servers, economy, loot tables, situational gear, item sacrifices, zone revamps, cosmetics, Progeny]

2014-Mar 25: My sit-rep

2014-Mar 16: Consumables & Combat -- tedious or tactical? [class interdependence, buffs, abilities, gear, economy, combat pacing]

2014-Mar 14: State of the Game [development, Visionary Realms, investors, funding, communication, website]

2014-Mar 2: Why Charge for Forum Access? [website, crowdfunding, community, Kickstarter, target audience]





2017-Nov 27: Quick video of Twitch Con 2017 and the Pantheon Booth!

2014-Jul 2: PantheonVideo C 7 1 2014

2014-Jul 2: Pantheon Client 2014 07 01 20 02 36 00

2014-Jun 17: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen progress video 6/17/2014

2014-Jun 17: Pantheon Video 06 16 2014


Aradune's Pantheon Journey in Pictures