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How To Use The Alpha Tracker

Visionary Realms has not announced a date for Alpha or beyond. Pantheon is a crowdfunded game - click here to learn how that affects timeline predictions.

In March 2021, Visionary Realms released a non-comprehensive list of items that, as of that point, need to be completed before Pantheon can be considered ready to enter Alpha 1. Day one of Alpha will be very different from the last day of Alpha, which is slated to have the remaining features and content mentioned elsewhere, such as all of Kingsreach. The implementation process is:

Design Complete To Do  In Progress  Complete

Many of these items are being worked on concurrently. As progress is made, items in the list below will move up the page until all are Complete. Items within each status category are listed in order of current priority, from top to bottom. Click on "Why in Alpha?" next to each item to hear from the developers about why that is needed for Alpha 1.

Click on the and buttons next to each item or the circles below each item to see progress on that item from each month. Items marked UPDATED have a new status or details since the previous month. Click on the date below any image to open that month's Producer's Letter. (Note: Because these are copied directly from Producer's Letters, they cannot be searched using the terminology found in the Search Guide.)



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Items that are in-game and ready for Alpha release.


 NPC Combat Awareness
Asset & Terrain Streaming
HDRP Conversion

In Progress
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Items that are currently being worked on, but are not yet ready for Alpha release.


Class Development
 Network Overhaul
Ability Loadouts
 Gathering and Crafting
Climbing Improvements
Dispositions and Traits
Improve Starting Experience for New Players
Player Models
NPC Models
(Source needed for "Why in Alpha?")
General 3D Assets
(Source needed for "Why in Alpha?")


To Do
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Items that have a finished implementation plan and are scheduled internally, but work has not yet begun. This can also apply to items that are partially implemented that are awaiting additional work to be fully completed.


Perception System
LFG Tool
Basic Guild System

Design Complete
(0 of 24)

Items that have a complete and ratified design document and are awaiting an implementation plan.